By: Kofi Asante Mensah

Ghanaian Media: Focus, Mount Pressure for Justice for Ahmed and Others or Run for Your Dear Lives...

The media must keep Justice for Ahmed Hussein Suale on the front burner even if it will take a whole year to bring culprits to book.

Aljazeera among others have shown the way in the Jamal Khashogi murder. This is where, the murder of Khashogi served as breaking news item for over a month.

No news is bigger in 2019 than bringing to book culprits of this barbaric assassination of our dear brother and friend, Ahmed Hussein Suale.

*The multibillion dollar questiin is, who is next?*

We should never be forced, persuaded or intimidated to push the search for justice for Ahmed and other victims of assaults in 2018 for any so called trending stories. We cannot sit and look-on unconcerned and deem the attack on media is for nothing, let us unite and "fight" this battle before it's too late. Else we all have to run for our dear lives........

They have sort to divide our front, so they benefit from our disunity. It is time to collaborate and stop the unnecessary and "senseless" competition and hatred among ourselves.

The time is now, let's do this together. The entire world is watching us, let's make Journalism and Ghana proud by tirelessly hunting for juctice for all.

God bless Ghana

Kofi Asante Mensah
[email protected]