Football clubs in Ghana will still have to gasp for breathe with the financial toll the COVID-19 is having on them not being assuaged anytime soon.

Government has provided a $600million stimulus package to help mitigate the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on small businesses but unfortunately football clubs are not eligible to access this funds as they do not meet the requirements of a small business.

According to the Executive Director of the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), Kosi Yankey, football clubs were not considered for this particular package.

The NBSSI has been tasked to disburse the funds to various companies  and industries that meet the eligibility criteria with football clubs unfortunately not part.

Various organizations have been asked to apply for the funds online or walk into the offices of the NBSSI in order to help financially distressed companies due to the COVID-19.

"We didn't factor the sports clubs in Ghana because they are not small business", Kosi Yankey Executive Director for NBSSI told Atinka FM.

"The thing is, it will help us know what's going on for us to consider them in our next process but this current package we didn't factor them in." She added.

Companies that access the funds have a grace period of two years to repay the loan with organizations with more than 100 staff not eligible to apply.