Uncle of Arsenal youngster Edward Nketiah says his nephew is motivated a lot by the family to give his very best and hopes he reaches the very top.

Eddie Nketiah has managed to dislodge Alexander Lacazette to the ire of most Arsenal fans who have questioned what exactly Mikel Arteta has seen in the 21 year old youngsters.

But that has been made a lot clearer by Uncle of the Lewisham born striker as his uncle Vincent Owusu Appiah has revealed that the pair where even talking when Mikel Arteta was assistant coach at Manchester City.

According to his uncle,Vincent Owusu Appiah the duo have built a strong relationship since when the striker was on loan at Leeds United.

“We motivate Eddie a lot. He is a good player and we are hoping he reaches where he destined to be. Former Manchester City Assistant Manager Mikel Arteta was actually chatting with Eddie Nketiah even before he came to Arsenal. Mikel Arteta always motivated Eddie and built a strong relationship with the player,” he told Wontumi radio.

“He joined the Arsenal youth team at age 14 which he won the Goal King in most the tournaments he played in.”
His uncle has been purring about the talented youngster's attitude and humility.

“He is a very respectful player. He stays with his parents up till now. He attends church at The Anglican Church. He still serves at church and is a humble guy.  Eddie is from Asante Mampong. He was born in Ghana. His parents are both Ghanaians” he added.