Maame Serwah Owusu, an officer with the Professional Standards Unit of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), has indicated that marijuana use cannot be legalised in Ghana adding that its proliferation in Ghana is as a result of the fertility of the soil.

According to her, the laws of Ghana frown upon the cultivation and use of Indian hemp and other narcotics such as cocaine and heroin.

Speaking on the morning show on Accra FM on Wednesday June 14, Ms Owusu said: “The proliferation of weed in Ghana is as a result of the fertility of the Ghanaian soil. Marijuana thrives very well in all parts of the country and so people engage in the cultivation a lot and that is why we have more of it on the market.

“When you compare it to cocaine, you will realise that cocaine is not that much on the market because it requires a lot of money to bring cocaine into the country.

“We are looking for the people producing the drugs and so we need information from the various communities on the people who are cultivating the drugs.”

She added: “The law is the law, and so we need to operate within the law. Marijuana has been banned and cannot be legalised and so we are appealing to the general public to devote information to us on who and where the drugs are being cultivated for the security operatives to deal with them.

“If the production or cultivation is not done, people will not get it to consume and so we are looking for those cultivating, the barons, to arrest and so we are appealing to the public to assist us in this agenda.”