Nation Builders Corporation has said they will provide flexible terms for individuals with disabilities who will apply for the 100,000 jobs they are set to provide for the people of Ghana.

Technical and Economic Advisor of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Samuel K. Frimpong in an interview with Okay FM explained that, there have been a lot of issues and questions being raised in concern with what will become of people with disabilities, especially deaf and dumb, who are willing to apply for the jobs.

He assured the general public that, those concerns have been looked at and taken into consideration.

“We’ve heard several complains about what we will do to persons with disabilities who would like to apply for jobs. I want to let the general public know that, we’ve scheduled today and tomorrow for people with disabilities, especially those who can’t speak and those who are incapable of hearing. We’ve put the necessary measures in place to ensure that their interviews go on smoothly. What we’ve done is that, we have provided interpreters in all our ten centers, we have a center in every capital city in every region across the country, and therefore every center has two interpreters. Excuse my words, our brothers and sisters who have such disabilities have a different language so we will definitely need interpreters for easy communication.” He said.

He further explained that, even before they would choose the interpreters, they reached out to the officials of the deaf and dumb organizations to assist them get the appropriate people who would make their communication fruitful.

According to him, the people with disabilities will not be assigned to a specific module, but rather, they will spread them across all the modules since they all have unique talents.

“If you consider the kind of modules we have, it’s so clear that not all of them should be fixed at one particular module. Some of them have keen interest in the technological field so they will be taken to Digital Ghana. Educate Ghana will also help most of them who have the passion to be teachers. So we will look at where their interest lies most and assign them there.” He said.

NABCO is set to employ 100,000 people this year under seven modules including Educate Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Civic Ghana, Digitize Ghana and Enterprise Ghana -Kasapa