Former Ghana International Mohammed Polo has laid into fellow former Ghana Internationals Anthony Baffoe and Samuel Osei Kufour.

The dribbling magician as he was known during his playing days has accused the former players of disrespecting him and the Old Players Association of Ghana.

Polo has accused them of organizing a 'coup d'etat' to strip off the voting rights of the Old Players Association of Ghana with their Professional Footballers Association Ghana (PFAG).

He says the Old Players Association Ghana were not allowed voting rights during last year's GFA elections because Samuel Osei Kufour who at the time was a member of the Normalization Committee ordered them to join the PFAG If they wanted voting rights.

He told Accra based Asempa Fm how things unfolded denying them their long held voting rights.

Recently prior to the GFA elections, we had two slots, the old players (association) had two slots, we are the ones who should vote.

“We were later informed that the Professionals Football Association will be voting instead of us, what is this! he fumed.

The former Hearts of Oak coach lambasted the duo telling them that they will never collapse the Old Players Association of Ghana in order to join their PFAG.

Polo further casted a slur on Samuel Osei Kuffour and Tony Baffoe questioning their contributions to the success of Ghana Football whiles accusing them of being disrespectful to their seniors.

“These professionals if they have retired, they should rather join our association

“Now they have taken our slots and say we should join them, our foot!!!

“These kids, they are jokes!!!
They don’t respect, we served Ghana here… what have they done apart from their clubs abroad. What did they win with the national team, he quizzed angrily.

“And they say we should join them. Sammy Kuffour has disappointed me, you must respect your seniors!
Who is Tony Baffoe, what has he done for Ghana, he is the cause of everything, he set up that PFAG.

“He was born in Germany and he wants to tell us what to do? he should not disrespect us.

“I’m saying this, what Kuffour did is utter disrespect and if Tony is behind this, both of them have (disrespected us)." he added.