Jay Z broke a world record by becoming the first rapper ever to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

He was inducted last night and he quickly took to Twitter to thank all the rappers who had inspired him over the years. Among the over 90 rappers listed was an unlikely name - Barack Obama.

Yes, Jay Z named former US President Obama as one of the rappers who inspired him. He referred to Obama as "the greatest rapper of all time".

On his part, Barack Obama shot a video which was aired at the ceremony marking Jay Z's induction. In the video, Obama is seen congratulating Jay Z. The former US president revealed in the video that he's been a fan of Jay Z since he was a young and hungry state senator.

He said:

“I like to think Mr. Carter and I understand each other. Nobody who met us when we were younger men would have expected us to be where we are today,” said the former US president. We both have wives who are significantly more popular than we are… Like all of you, I am a fan, and I’ve been listening to Jay since I was a young and hungry state senator.”

Other rappers who Jay Z mentioned that he was inspired by include; everyone from OGs like Rakim and Chuck D to Kendrick, Future and Chance The Rapper. Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Redman and Foxy Brown.



See the video of Obama hailing Jay Z below.