Ghana’s Badminton President, Yeboah Evans on Thursday withdrew from the Badminton Confederation of Africa (BCA) presidential campaign.

His surprise withdrawal came just minutes before the first round of voting when he announced in his final lobbying speech to the 45 African country and Badminton World Federation officials and delegates gathered in Bangkok for the Africa presidential Elections.

“I had to look at the bigger picture and for the growth of our BCA, and to support our group dominance over the affairs of the confederation, "he said.

"I am enthused by the delegates’ responses to our message of A BETTER BCA Agenda has received and will support Mr Bau Michelle from Seychelles to win the ultimate leadership role.”

The Badminton Africa presidential Candidate, further stated “After thorough deliberation and reflection with different involved parties and stakeholders, our team decided to withdraw his candidacy to become the next BCA President and his camp had join forces with presidential candidate Michelle Bau from Seychelles. I sincerely thank, the good people of Ghana, Badminton delegates, the badminton community in Ghana, Ministry of Youth & Sports and its agencies, National Olympic Committee of Ghana, loyalist, alumni, campaign strategist and volunteers-we could never have gotten this far without you and will look forward committing to the development of the sport in Africa and the World FOR A BETTER BCA agenda”
Yeboah Evans who is also Chair, Finance for BCA’s campaign team was led by colleagues President and friends from Nigeria, Mauritius, Kenya, Benin, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Cote Divoire, Zambia, Niger, Ethiopia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Somalia, Cameroon and Botswana.
The Yeboah Evans Presidential Campaign had also worked with marketing teams and volunteers which worked to deliver, devise and implement a winning campaign, utilizing delegate’s media relations, social media, and compelling marketing collateral to influence relevant decision-makers, key stakeholders, politicians and badminton consumers across the African region.
The Temple University Doctoral Candidate and CEIBS Alumni have been at the forefront of Ghana Badminton’s recent development initiatives and strategic sporting structures it had implemented. With Olympic success at the heart of Badminton Ghana towards Tokyo 2020, its Board is achieving success on the international stage, inspiring the next generation of players and corporate community.