Days after Ali and Shemima agreed to go on a date with each other on the TV3's dating reality show - Date Rush, the former is in trouble as a supposed husband of the latter has suddenly popped up.

According to the man, Nasiru Siedu, he is married to Shemi Brown whose real name is Hawa Akua Adams and they have a 6-year-old son together.

Seidu speaking in a short video revealed he brought Shemima from the Northern parts of Ghana to Accra and he is legally married to her.

He explained that he had a small misunderstanding with Shemima and out of anger, Shemima traveled to the north.

He said even after she came back, he still takes care of her and their child and therefore could not fathom what pushed Shemima to go a national TV in search of a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, On the Date Rush aired on Sunday, 5th May 2021 on TV3, Shemima claimed her last relationship broke because she was unknowingly dating a married man.

She recounted the embarrassing moment when her ex-boyfriend’s wife accosted them on an outing.

She explained that although she knew he had children, she had no idea he had a wife too.