The former boss of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) and  a National Democratic Congress flag bearer aspirants Aylvester Mensah, has stated that, the one district one factory (1D1F) slogan used by the Akufo Addo administration in the build up towards the 2016 general elections is not an achievable goal as it bears no direction.

He was speaking easrlier today on Accra based radio station when he added that, the programme is not attainable considering the fact that the government has failed to prove it.

He said while speaking on the show, “In effect, what I'm saying is that there is no direction, there is no leadership and there is no reason to believe that government can achieve One District-One Factory because they haven’t proved that they have what it takes to deliver".

He further added saying, “As we sit here today, there is no feasibility report that gives us an idea of exactly what that policy is all about. What product are they expecting to produce within the context of One District-One Factory and are they primary products? Are they secondary product? We don’t know. What is the marketing strategy for these products? We don’t know. Are we creating jobs through One District-One Factory? We don’t know”.

Mr said that, if the programme was an attainable one, the government would have put it into effect since it came to power.

He said the NPP have been in office for over a year now “and if this is a flagship programme, you will expect that One District-One Factory should see some signs, but we don’t see any signs”.

“Not all districts are well-endowed for factories. There are some districts that can have three, four, 10 factories [and] there are some that you can’t have some at all” he emphasized.