If you want to live healthy and live longer, there are absolutely zero reasons to avoid exercising every day. And yes, exercise is not just about losing weight. Taking time out from your daily schedule not only helps in relieving stress but also helps you live longer, studies have proved. All that matters is squeezing out 45-50 minutes from your packed schedule. What if we told you, there is a way you could manage the time efficiently and still stay healthy? Up for the challenge? Then continue to read!

Studies have proved that working out for just one minute of Interval Training (yes, one minute, you read that rightly) has immense benefits for your body and makes your core muscles stronger, just as a 45- minute jogging session would do. So, yes, there is a way to grab all those good benefits of a workout session without compromising on your busy schedule or letting go of the bed for long this winter season.
For the study, scientists from a Canada-based university analysed 25 overweight people and put them to an exercise test where they were made to perform sprints. They were split into two groups. While the first one was made to practice intense exercises like a sprint followed by a 10-minute gap for a period of 12 weeks, the other group was made to sweat it out in the park doing low-intensity brisk exercises like jogging. After the test period, the participants were analysed on the basis of their muscle strength, heart health and aerobic agility. It was seen that there was no certain difference to be seen in people who exercised slowly or the ones who tried a high-intensity workout. They all showed the same levels of fitness.
More than the exercise itself, how you workout matters. When you do short segments of intense workout followed by some simple ones, you grab the most benefits and give your body the rest it needs to refresh.

Two of the most intensive exercises which can give you maximum benefits without taking much of your time or going to the gym are:

Stairs workout

This is one routine which can be perfected anywhere, whether you are in office, college or sitting comfortably at home. Instead of taking the lift every time you get out, choose the stairs. If you want to take the level up a notch, try climbing up and down in a minute’s time. This can also cut down your risk of dying young.

Jump rope

If you can spare a little time, go outside and exercise with a rope. Do a short warm-up and then do the skipping exercise as fast as you can for a timespan of 20 seconds. Pause and then repeat this for three times.

Source: indiatimes.com