A visit to the bank should be a very calm experience. The thought of going for your own money you asked someone to keep for you shouldn’t be a hustle, right?

Not in Ghana. Here are 10 annoying experiences every Ghanaian who has visited a bank may relate to.

1. Opening Time Is Never Opening Time

You’ll see the nice banner indicating working hours from 8:30am to 4:00pm. The truth is, the doors will open at 8:30am alright but no one will talk to you until like 9:15am. Till then, you stand in a queue.

Image: iDreamzMedia

Image: iDreamzMedia


2. The Security Man Who Thinks He Is The Inspector General of Police (IGP)

We’ve all met them. They frustrate you. From opening the doors to finding a place to sit, they talk like they are the IGPs, not all of them, though. Only the ones who think themselves a boss more than they should.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com


3. People Who Jump The Queue

There’s a special place in hell for them. Even that, they’ll still jump the queue to get to that special place first.

What The Hell Gif


4. ID Please

The banks have every passport picture you’ve ever taken on planet earth. They have all the signatures you’ve signed since KG. They have photocopied all the IDs you have since you joined them but still, they ask for an ID whenever you visit.

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5. The Client Services Personnel With An Attitude

Like it’s your job to be at the client’s service you know? These client services personnel won’t even open their mouth to answer you or show you what to do when you ask them. Go home if you can’t work!

Are you serious right now?

Photo: Twitter


6. The ‘Network’ Problem

Sir, we can’t follow through with your transaction at the moment, the network is down. How is that a client’s problem? Just give them their cash already.

angry someway bi


7. Dysfunctional ATM

For all the places an ATM will not work, you expect the bank venue to be the last. Ironically, they are the first with that annoying notice on an A4 sheet.


Image: Makeameme


8. Sit And Stand To Move The Queue

You sit, then stand to move to the next seat after a few seconds. Repeat. Uggh!



9. The Bossu Customer

This kind of customer is a “line cutter” and a show-off all in one. They just enter, move straight to the bank personnel, do their stuff, then they leave. How much do you have to save to get that pass?

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10. The Account Balance Treatment

The service you get is based on your account balance. No matter how they deny it, there’s a difference once they see the money you have with them.

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