No, it’s not the way he looks shirtless. It’s not the way he styles his hair.

It’s not the corny pickup lines – in fact, we kind of think they’re charming.

Our standards probably aren’t as high as you may think, but we do have our limits.

Anyone who does these 10 behaviours during sex shouldn’t expect us to stay the night.

Bad hygiene
Nasty breath, greasy hair, or unclean nether regions are the number one turnoff for women. If there are some funky tastes or smells, it’s hard to stay in the mood.

Being too aggressive
Some women like their partners to be assertive, but being too forceful takes us out of it. Rushing past foreplay, pushing us to do something we’re not comfortable doing, or even initiating without us being fully onboard won’t help us relax.

Being selfish
If it’s all about the partner’s wishes, how can a woman really enjoy herself? Take some time to do some positions or acts that she likes and both of you will have a better time.

Getting distracted
If the phone rings, don’t you dare answer it unless it’s an emergency. We want to stay in the moment, not hear you making plans to see the game this weekend.

Being weird (without asking)
Women are more likely to try a unique fetish if their partners talk to them about it first. Surprising us with something bizarre in the middle of the act is not the best way to introduce us to it.

Saying the wrong name
Okay, verbal slips happen. But we can’t pretend that hearing you say your ex’s name is going to be a turn-on.

No matter what your body looks like, if we started doing the deed with you, we probably want to see you naked. When a sexual partner is too shy to take off all the clothes, that awkward energy is contagious. Confidence is sexy.

Too much cologne
We want our faces to screw up with pleasure, not because of overwhelming smell. If you see our eyes start to water from too much body spray, consider using one spritz or less.

Bad eye contact
Eye contact is an important part of intimacy. On the flip side, wild, crazy eyes staring straight into our souls aren’t exactly comforting. Just make natural eye contact with us and we’ll find it seductive.

No cuddle time
If you can’t afford a few minutes to lie with us before getting dressed, you didn’t have enough time in the first place.

Source; WomenWorking