We always say that women have these weaker qualities and they are always scared of something or the other but here are the most perfect answer to all the men out there who thinks women are weak and now we found the secret fears of men who are hidden like treasure in their heart and they will not talk about it or tell anyone.

Body Conscious

Women are also being told to have a perfect body so they always do various fitness healthy lifestyle to maintain it but do you know like women, men also have the complexity to maintain their body they joined various gyms and always google famous men’s toned body or six-pack abs so like women they are also body conscious.

Money Issue

In this world filled with competitions and to prove your worth and also to make lots of money they have the fear of losing it all.

Height Issues

Men have these fear of being judged by people if their height is smaller than their girlfriend and they feel less around people so they always prefer women with short heights.

Fear Of Losing His Women

Men will be men whether they stare at other women they will still care for you and if they find that other men are keeping you happy or any men enter into your life that is a major threat to men.

Bad experience in Previous relationships

Sometimes it’s just the bad experience that can ruin your bright future. Whereas a poor experience in the previous relationship also put fear in men’s mind that they can’t keep a relationship steady.

Hairy Problem

Well, many men have the complexity that they should not go bald from hair loss or something and they also have the complexity that 50% women like men with hair on chest and the other 50% don’t feel to like it.

They Are Also Have The Urge To go For A Diet

Well in this balanced world where not only women say they are on diet but now men are also on a diet and they feel the need to have a perfect body and lifestyle.

Fear Of Rejection

They have been told that they are superior to women so they have the right to do everything and if they get a rejection in life that hurts their man ego which is unacceptable for them.

Fear Of Expressing Emotions

Have you seen any man showing any emotions or cry over anything? well, there are 50% chances that a man will cry over something but they will not show it in front of others because that will be shameful for them to show any emotions. And for children to be an adult they have been thought that you are a boy you should not cry like a boy so it’s not their fault it’s their upbringing.

Fear Of Not Being A Man

From childhood to adulthood men are been told that they are a man so they should do every job like it’s their birthright so whenever they see that you need any help they will do anything to show that you need a man to fix this.

Source: Genmice