Butterflies in your stomach are such a beautiful feeling. When you’re excited to see a person and spend time with them, every passing moment feels like a blessing. Falling in love is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world. Romantic feelings are mutual but if you’re struggling to recognise if you’re really falling in love, then it’s best to know the signs. They can be different for everyone, but little, subtle signs are the same for every prospective romantic individual. We bring to you some signs that will make you believe that you’re falling in love.

1. Your ex is out of the cards: If you notice that you no longer stalk your ex or think about them, then finally you’ve moved on. This means, they’re no longer in your mind and you can talk to your prospective partner without any doubt.

2. You crave hugs and cuddles instead of sex: Emotional feelings are now on the go. Hugs and cuddles bring an emotional twist to your relationships and that feels more inviting and calm, instead of indulging in physical intimacy at all time. 3. Everything reminds you of them: “He loves croissant”- if the thought crosses your mind every time you go into the bakery shop, then yes, you’re falling in love. Every little thing that you do or any place you go reminds you of their likes and dislikes. 4. You no longer wait for their text back: If you don’t count the seconds of when your partner will text back, then it means that you’re confident of them reverting. You don’t have to question their actions anymore. 5. You start trusting them slowly: If the thought of trusting your partner no longer seems scary, then you’re slowly developing feelings for them. Also, if you don’t get anxious with the thought that they might hurt you emotionally, then you’re falling in love. 6. Planning dates is long behind: Sitting comfortably and having popcorn with each other is a pleasant idea that can seem quite comfortable to you as you both don’t have to constantly worry about picking places for dates. 7. Plannings about the future: You may not even realise it while talking that you both have slipped into planning events or trips for the future It may seem cheesy at first, but you’ll totally feel comfortable as you have a feeling that they’ll stick around for it.

8. Being alright with little sacrifices for them: If you’re cool with taking care of your partner when they’re sick, instead of going to brunch, then you’re slowly habituating towards them. Even amidst your responsibilities, you must feel like doing something for them.

9. They’re annoying but adorable: No matter how many lame or bad jokes come to the table, you just can’t get enough of them. If they’re being annoying, you just put up with them not because you have to, but because you want to.

10. You miss them more: Even if it’s been a day, ‘a miss you’ is totally alright as with each passing minute, your urge to be with them grows even more. You actually feel heartache if they’re not around and if you miss them way too much.

If you feel these signs are common within you both, then it’s time to DTR (define-the-relationship)!

Source: indiatimes.com