Being a girl comes with loads of struggles we hardly know about. It will surprise you to know the kind of things most Ghanaian girls do these days but will never admit.

Below are 10 things Ghanaian girls do but will never admit.

1. Using Phones As Mirrors

These days, mobile phones are multi-functional and they are no longer used for only making calls and texting. So let’s just say, gone are the days when a lady will search through her handbag to grab hold of a mirror to put touches on her make-up. These days, all they do is grab hold of their phone and use the screen as a mirror. So whenever you see that girl looking seriously unto her phone, just know that she might not be chatting, she could actually be checking out her sweet self.



2. Stalking On Social Media

Many are those who might think this is a guys thing but it will surprise you to know that girls like stalking more than guys even do on social media. They stalk almost everybody, their hairdresser, ex’s best friend, friends at work, school, etc. but the person they stalk most is their ex. They go through all their pictures to check every girl on their timeline to see which girl they are currently dating. But ask them and they will never admit it.

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3. Pretending To Receive A Call

Have you ever seen a girl and just when you decide to hit on her, she instantly whips out her phone and starts talking like someone just called her? Yeah! they have that sixth sense and know when a guy is about to hit on them. It is not all the time that when you see a girl talking on the phone, she’s actually talking on the phone, sometimes, they are just pretending so you wouldn’t bother them.



4. Planning Weddings On Social Media

Well! as you can see, it is common these days and if you think the pre-wedding is the man’s idea, then you better think again.

Image: Nairaland

Image: Nairaland


5. Millions of Selfies

Every girl will tell you, “Me! I don’t like taking selfies oh!” but get hold of her phone and you will find millions of selfies on her phone and the interesting thing is they love to criticise other girls who love taking selfies when indeed, they are all in the same boat.



6. Beauty Guinea Pigs

Almost every girl you see on the street has had one of her friends try a new beauty trick on them, be it a hairstyle, make-up etc. they always volunteer to be used for first-time experiments to see how it turns out. Plus, it’s also free so why not?

Image: Youtube

Image: Youtube


7. Messaging Obsession

These days, most girls will prefer you send them a message than calling. They’ll even message their best friend sitting right next to them about how handsome the guy passing by looks instead of telling them in the face. We believe this is due to the various instant messaging apps around now.

Hilarious text messages from mothers

Images by Onedio


8. Stuffing Things In Her Bra

It will surprise you to know that, although they walk around with all these huge handbags with almost the world in it, they still stuff things in their bra. It will shock you to realise that although she is walking around with a large handbag when you ask her for something, she will pull it from her bra and you’ll be left wondering, “what the hell is that doing there when you have this handbag”. From mobile phones to handkerchiefs, every and anything can be tucked in their bras. But ask any of them and they will tell you, “nah! me I don’t do that”.


Photo: MyKPP


9. Crying Over Cheesy Movies

You will be astonished as to the number of women who cried over shows like, Rosalinda, Kukum Bhagya, Simply Maria, Oshen (My mum is a victim here) etc. but when you ask them, they will never admit it.


10. Hiding Sanitary Pads

Guys! Have you ever seen a sanitary pad in the hands of a woman before? We doubt! But they do change all the time right under your nose but you’ll never see them take it to the washroom. Women are experts when it comes to hiding sanitary pads, they can sneak it into anything and you will never see it.

Image- Lulu