Actor Adjetey Anang and wife, Elom Anang, celebrated their 12th marriage anniversary on Sunday with a simple and clear message that says they are not giving up on their marriage. 

Even though their union has been saddled with some challenges and difficulties, the couple believes their experience with other each is “humbling”.

Adjetey and Elom first met on set and later fell in love. They subsequently got married and had their first child after over seven years of marriage.

Last Sunday marked exactly 12 years since they tied the nuptial knot.

“It’s our 12th wedding anniversary today! I can’t believe how far we’ve come seeing how clueless we were about so many things 12 years ago!! Marriage been so many things! We’ve had fun, tears, joy, laughter, pain, hope, faith, tight friendship; but above all we’ve had God with us! And that has kept us growing closer and closer to each other. So we are firmly convinced that after 12 years, our marriage is just beginning,” Adjetey said on Instagram.

“Over the next 12 days, @elom_anang and I will share 12 lessons we have learnt over the last 12 years! Enjoy our posts! But to u (you) @elom_anang it’s been humbling, an honour…the difference u (you) have made in my life…I know the next 12yrs will be another journey worth spending with u. Thank u (you) my “super owlet,” he added.