Women, no matter how much they love you, can move from lady to tigress in seconds and so when you are with your better half, it’s important to be on your best behaviour.

Below are dangerous moments every guy dreads when he’s with his woman.

1. Receiving WhatsApp Messages

Thanks to technology, instant messaging (IM) is the new thing. Unfortunately, we all know what we are capable of using IM for and so when with bae and messages keep coming in rapidly especially from one contact, she becomes suspicious and this can bring down a tirade of questions that will put you in a tight corner.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com


2. When A Girl Calls

It doesn’t matter whether she’s your sister, mother, aunt or cousin, you will still face the greatest question of all times, “Who is she?” and you better be quick with an answer or you’re in trouble.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com


3. When Walking With Her And A Luscious Woman Walks By

This is one of our weaknesses and it doesn’t matter how much you love bae, when a well-endowed woman walks by, your curiosity takes the better part of you and you can’t resist taking a peek at her assets. This is where we will advise that no matter the temptation, “Don’t do it”.

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4. When With Her And The Side Chick Knocks On The Door

You should know you’re doomed. This is not a position any guy ever wants to be in.

Image- Giphy

Image- Giphy


5. When Another Woman Brings Food

Jealousy steps in and it makes her feel like you don’t enjoy her food or better still she thinks the woman is trying to whisk you away from her with her cooking skills. But the question is, why will another woman bring you food when you have a woman?



6. When Another Woman Decides To Dance With You At The Club

No matter the temptation, even if bae hates dancing, do all you can to avoid dancing with another woman. Even if she tells you to go ahead, don’t fall for it, else you will face the consequence later.

Image: kbctv.co.ke

Image: kbctv.co.ke


7. When You Forget Her Birthday

Now this is like having a sword in your throat so it will be better to save her birthday everywhere, under your bed, on your pillow, your favourite mug, bathroom mirror, kitchen utensils, phone, fridge etc. just so you don’t forget or else she’ll ignore you and give you attitude that can break down the Afadjato Mountain.

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Image: giphy.com


8. When You Buy Her The Wrong Gift

When buying a gift for your Ghanaian bae, you have to be extra careful not to make the mistake of buying her a puppy or flowers as portrayed in foreign movies. Unless she’s someone who is fond of these things, get her something else, for your own good.

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9. When You Call Out A Different Name During Love-Making

Now this spells your doom and you know it, need we say more. You can at this moment forget about your relationship since there won’t be any after that.

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Image- Giphy


10. When You Confess How Beautiful Another Woman Is

Never make the mistake to say how beautiful another woman is in the presence of your woman. No matter the temptation and it doesn’t matter if the other woman is on TV, just don’t pass such a comment, you might not see your woman again.



11. When You Tell Her She’s Gaining Weight

Now this is like playing the Russian Roulette and so don’t even try. Stay away from weight issues unless she’s open-minded about it, even then, you need to know how to say it.

Image: giphy.com

Image: giphy.com


12. When You Compare Her To Other Women

This is one thing most women hate, so be careful.

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13. When You Ignore Her Over A Soccer Match

We all know how women feel when it is that time of the season and we’re all glued to the TV set watching our favourite matches and we pretend as if she doesn’t even exist and later in the day, decide to go for the cookie, you should expect something like this; “Go and get it from Chelsea”.