This guide reviews the 15 best online animation makers that can help you create magnificent video ads. Learn about their features, pros, and cons.

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Do you know that the animation tool you use to create an ad affects the success of the commercial video? Selecting the right animation maker enables you to produce fascinating commercials that can drive your company to the next level. So, how do you know which tool is the right one? Don't worry! We’ve done the research for you and here are the top 15 online animation makers for quality video ads.

1.    Doratoon - The Ideal Video Ads Creation Software

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Doratoon is top of this list for a reason. It is a robust, cloud-based video creation tool equipped with a rich set of features to aid in developing high-quality advertisement visuals. Doratoon combines its video editing functions with a user-friendly interface, making it easier to produce fun and attractive video ads within minutes.  It’s certainly a good tool to make an animation ad for free.


  • Rich, tailored templates

Doratoon has a rich set of templates specifically made to suit the production of video ads. So, whenever you don't feel like creating from scratch, simply pick a template specialized to commercial visuals.

  • AI drawing

This feature uses artificial intelligence to determine what you will draw and then suggests relevant shapes, drawings, and icons. It can provide some creative characters that are splendid for commercials.

  • AI dubbing

It is what automatically converts any text you input in your ad to speech. This function also offers different types of voice-over dialects so you can select one that fits the theme of your advert video.

  • Animated characters

Users access over 8000 animated actions and facial expressions, divided into categories such as multicultural, general, and celebrity. This provides multiple options of actors to select from for any type of ad.

  • Stock footage

Doratoon offers an extensive library of royalty-free video clips and pictures that you can include in your commercial. The footage is high quality and pre-animated for effective ad production.

Steps to use Doratoon:

  1. Visit the Doratoon website and log in to your account, or sign up if you don’t have one.

  2. Select a template or click Create to make your ad from scratch.

  3. Edit the video by adding transitions, text styles, and audio.

  4. Once you are done, click Publish, then share the commercial.

  • Drag and drop feature.

  • Easy to navigate user interface.

  • Plenty of animation styles.

  • It’s affordable and has a free version.

  • No offline mode.

2.    Powtoon - Produce Fantastic Commercials With Ease

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Powtoon is second on this list due to its ease of handling. This online animation maker combines usability with an advanced set of animated video editing functions. Powtoon adds a professional touch to an advert enabling it to appeal to the target audience. You can leverage it to create an exciting and effective visual experience.


  • Screen recording.

  • Whiteboard doodling.

  • Numerous animation effects.

  • Tons of free-use media.

  • Supports multiple languages.

  • Custom animation characters.

  • Intuitive interface.

  • Easy text editing.

  • Plenty of community resources.

  • Lacks 3D animation.

  • Doesn't support keyframing.

3.    Animaker - Create Fascinating and Colorful Advertisements

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Animaker is effective when making any video ad but is especially suited for colorful ones. It is fast and can produce a commercial within a notably short period. The app is perfect for beginners and professionals and has been awarded the 'Startup Award.' Also, Animaker is versatile and lets you choose from six different animation styles.


  • Incredibly professional templates.

  • Auto lip-syncing.

  • Numerous facial features for animation.

  • Supports 2D, 2.5D, typography, infographics, and whiteboard animation.

  • Huge stock video library.

  • Super-easy to use.

  • Rich set of characters.

  • Needs more video styles.

4.    Biteable - Make Effective Advertisement Videos

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

This software's main advantage is that it can run on nearly any computer, even if it is not that powerful. Biteable is also fast and can produce animated commercials with complex characters. Use this app to give your animation videos a sophisticated professional touch.


  • 3D video editing.

  • Export video ads in HD format.

  • 100+ live-action and animated clips

  • Customizable animated characters.

  • Creates professional clips.

  • Quick sharing across multiple distribution channels.

  • Easy to navigate interface.

  • Limited projects on the free version.

  • You need to create an account.

5.    Animatron - High-End Video Ad Editing

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Top companies like Google and NYTimes have used Animatron due to its advanced nature. It combines multiple features contained by other high-end video ad editing programs. Hence, with Animatron, you do not have to purchase expensive ad creation software. This app has a premium version and a free version.


  • Keyframes to control character movement.

  • Over 500k+ royalty-free media.

  • Social media-ready templates.

  • Whiteboard animation style.

  • Advanced customization.

  • Saves you money.

  • Lets you import and integrate voiceover audio.

  • It can be difficult to use for beginners.

6.    Renderforest

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

If you want your video ad to be 3D, 2D, or CG realistic, Renderforest can help you create it. It is an online 3D animation maker used by renowned media companies such as BBC. Renderforest enables users to create fun and interactive ads that captivate the audience. It also has a free and a premium version.


  • Multiple icon resources.

  • Various pricing plans.

  • 3D and CG support.

  • 200+ video templates.

  • Wide variety of ad-related characters.

7.    Moovly

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Moovly boasts a full integration to the almost 175 million digital materials on Shutterstock. This means you will always have media files to add to your ad when using this platform. It is also entirely cloud-based, so you don't need to download or install any software on your device.


  • Multiple animation styles.

  • Easy for beginners.

  • Millions of royalty-free media assets.

  • Full-featured free version.

  • Offers different versions for small businesses, large enterprises, amateurs, and academic institutions.

8.    MotionDen

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

This software primarily enables you to build animated video ads by adding templates. However, you can also alter the settings to allow you to customize your animation and have more control over your work. MotionDen lets you add text and import video clips, among other elements. It is free to use.


  • A rich selection of templates that is regularly updated.

  • Multiple text styles.

  • Easy to use.

  • Quick ad production due to multiple templates.

9.    Toonator

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Toonator will come in handy if your advertisement video entails a lot of cartoon content. You can either develop an ad from scratch or upload your work and edit it. Since this software is widely used, it has a library of popular and new clips made by other users on Toonator. Check out these videos to compare and improve your commercial.


  • Reference and learning materials.

  • Easy and fun animation style.

  • Full integration with tablets so you can draw directly into the program with your fingers or a pen.

  • You can select and edit another user's advertisement.

10.   Vyond

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Vyond allows you to choose one of three ad animation styles to suit your niche. With this software, you can select between contemporary, whiteboard, or business-friendly animation styles. Since Vyond has been around for a while, it has a firm and in-depth grasp of advert editing features. Also, you can create ads of up to 120 minutes.


  • Creative customization options.

  • Supports HD video export.

  • Allows you to customize prop colors.

  • Extensive template gallery.

  • Several subscription plans.

11.    FlipAnim

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Using FlipAnim offers a quick, fun, and easy animated ad creation experience. This platform produces interactive advertisements that can resonate with and influence the target audience. It also makes it exceptionally easy to change the animation speed on your commercial since all you have to do is pull the slider.


  • Offers five options for animation speeds.

  • Attractive and intuitive interface.

  • Easy animating.

  • Supports transparent animation.

12.    Wideo

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

This online platform is comprehensive, easy to use, and integrates well with external media, graphics, and sound. It lets you embed high-resolution videos and leverage video streaming and editing options. Wideo is also user-friendly, but unfortunately, you can only create 30-second-long commercials on the free version.


  • Extensive array of pre-animated templates.

  • Intuitive interface.

  • Effective drag and drop feature.

  • Supports keyframing.

  • Text-to-speech feature.

13.    Explee

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Explee starts you off with a blank template that enables you to create engaging whiteboard videos and animations. Leveraging this tool lets you create professional whiteboard ads that can hook your viewers. To provide a pleasant production experience, Explee has a preview button to allow you to quickly overview the final animation before exporting.


  • Broad media library.

  • Drag and drop feature.

  • Offers speedy production.

  • Exceptional in whiteboard animation.


15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads is a web-based animation platform that is best suited for creative professionals. It features a streamlined interface with a powerful range of video ad creation tools, such as sub-object editing. In addition, this software lets you work from any browser and automatically saves all your work to the cloud.


  • Supports collaboration.

  • Easy sharing.

  • Over 30 3D file formats.

  • Accepts plug-ins.

15.   PixTeller

15 Online Animation Makers for Making Fascinating Video Ads

Last on this list is PixTeller. You can use it to create marvelous animated advertisement videos that increase your reach on media platforms. PixTeller is stunning without being complicated or expensive. It also has a set of advanced editing tools and even allows you to switch the frame properties and attribute elements.


  • Customizable video templates.

  • Quick video download.

  • Direct sharing across multiple multimedia channels.

  • Unique text filters.

  • 100,000+ animated shapes.

Wrap up

Making animated ads is challenging, but the platforms on this list can make the experience a lot more pleasant. We suggest you try Doratoon first, as it is especially suited for this role. Its robust nature and advanced features allow you to take your animated video ads a notch higher.