English is an interesting language with words which are either simple, slightly complex or very complex.

In case you wish to add some swag to your vocabulary, here are some few nice words you can use to replace everyday words that we all know.

1. Corpulent

The word corpulent means fat so instead of saying, “he’s fat” to describe someone, you can use this word instead, “a short, somewhat corpulent man” and in the ears of everybody, it wouldn’t sound insulting.

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2. Skulduggery

The word means “a dishonest behavior or activity” and so instead of saying, “They are into the investigation of commercial dishonest activities” which sounds a bit dragging, you can say, “They are into the investigation of commercial skulduggery”.


3. Impavid

The word means someone who is bold, fearless or undaunted, so think of all the possible ways you can use the word.


4. Limerence

It simply means infatuated love so you can use this word to replace that anytime.


5. Licentiousness

If someone lacks moral restraints or disregard sexual restraints, you can use this word for them.


6. Luddite

Someone who is locked up in the past and hates technology advancement and is usually boring and archaic and resists technological progress can be referred to as a Luddite.

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7. Eschew

It means to abstain from something. “Eschew premarital sex, the pastor said.”


8. Ubiquitous

Something that can be felt or found everywhere is ubiquitous and so you can say, “His ubiquitous demeanor is felt by everybody”.

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9. Vapid

Uninteresting or bland is the meaning of the word and so you can say, “His comedy is vapid”.

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10. Loquacious

Simply means a talkative, so think of all the possible ways you can use it.



11. Bescumber

It simply means to spray with poo, so the next time you face something like this in Nima, you should know the word to use.

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12. Foofaraw

A fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant or excessive decoration or ornamentation on a piece of clothing, building etc.

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13. Pogonotrophy

No! It is not what you were thinking, it is actually the act of growing your moustache and beard.

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14. Fanfaronade

It simply means arrogant or boastful talk.


15. Draconian

When a situation or something is harsh and severe we say, it is draconian. You can think of a way to use it.

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16. Ineffable

If something is too great or extreme to express, you use this word.

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17. Catawampus

If someone is known to be fierce or destructive, you can use this word for them and they wouldn’t hold you to ransom because it will sound good in their ears.

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18. Hypergamy

This means the act of marrying a person of a superior class. If you’re from a very poor family and you are lucky and a girl from a very rich family falls in love with you and you happen to marry her or vice versa, then this is the word for you.

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19. Myrmidon

There’s always that one person who supports everything you do whether good or bad and stands by you through thick and thin and will do anything to please you, even if it is to kill for you, such a person is referred to as a myrmidon.

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20. Callipygian/Callimammapygian

Callipygian is a term used to describe someone with a well-shaped butt while Callimammapygian is used to describe someone with an attractive breast.