Popular dancehall artiste, Kaakie has described MzVee’s reply to her newly released single, ‘Sankwas’ as a ‘worship’ song instead of a diss-song.

Kaakie completing school released the new single which entertainment critics say is targeted at MzVee who is seen as her main female contender in that genre of music.

The first line of the single which read, "they try to be me, so they end up skinny and lean", the critics claimed is targeted at Mzvee who is slim.

But Kaakie in an earlier interview on Hitz FM said that is never the case. It has “absolutely nothing to do with MzVee…I’m not a beef kind of person and the song is not directed to her,’’ she was quoted as saying.

The new single titled 'Sankwas' features rapper Guru. ‘Sankwas’ is a derogatory term to dismiss a person or render someone as useless.

She however insisted that the song is for ‘my friends who waited for me while I was in school’ and persons she described as ‘alliances’ who are now many in the industry.

“I released Sankwas for my fans that is why the beat is quite different from my earlier songs so it’s just a new one I brought down for my fans so if someone would want to associate herself with it, I have no problem…,” she said.

However, Kaakie said she shocked to learn MzVee had released a reply since the song was not targeted at her.

“I have heard the reply but when I heard it, I didn’t see it as a diss-song, I rather saw it to be a worship song…Mzvee has done a reply [to Sankwas] and when she was asked about it, she accepted…but when I listen to it, I see it as a worship song…,” she told Jerry Justice on Adom FM’s Drive Time Show, ‘Ofiekwanso’ on Friday.

She noted that, she would have two options if she attempts to reply MzVee’s ‘supposed dis-song’.

“My response to it (MzVee’s reply) would be two things, either I teach her how it is done or I also come out with a praises song in reply to the worship song…,” she said.

Ask if it was true that she smokes weed (Indian hemp) as had been understood through her use of ‘weed’ in her Sankwas, Kaakie said no.

“I don’t smoke weed [indian hemp] as has been understood but I just wanted to show that as a weed, I germinate wherever I am grown" she said.

source: GhanaWeb