No matter whether you are a casual user or are working on your startup, your tech budget requires plenty of attention. We spend tons of money on the Internet, TV, phone, and plenty of technologies daily. If you count all that and see how much you spend per month, you will easily understand it’s time to start saving money right away.

In the post below, you will see the most effective ways to reduce the cost of your tech services. There is, actually, nothing complicated in it at all. Keep reading and see how exactly you can cut all of your tech expenses in literally one click.

1. Buy refurbished devices

You surely have heard about refurbished phones, laptops, and other devices. Many people are afraid of them thinking they are used or do not work properly. The reality is very different. Refurbished devices are the ones that have been sold but returned by buyers under insurance due to some bugs or other issues.

The manufacturer checks the device thoroughly, improves all the bugs, packs it back, and sells it again. It would be quite fair to say that refurbished phones and laptops are even better than new ones because they are thoroughly verified by providers and much cheaper. It means that you buy a new device that has been checked well (no bugs or issues are possible anymore) at a very good price. Think of it!

2. Unsubscribe unnecessary apps and extensions

You must have installed plenty of apps and extensions on your PC, laptop, or phone. Not all of them are free. Check them all and see which of them you do not use at all and just unsubscribe. The same works for antivirus software which costs a fortune. No one says that you do not need good protection for your computer but there are some other much cheaper ways to ensure it.

For instance, a Windows antivirus tool includes a VPN for app and password manager. You can choose not to buy antivirus software but install a VeePN instead. You can even install a VPN for TV to be able to connect to foreign servers and watch content restricted in your area.

The trick is you can connect to VPN servers you wish, choosing your new IP address and hiding your current one. A VPN for Colombia for PC will not simply allow you to access geo-restricted content but also protect you from all possible intruders. It is a good way to save money on many tools — antivirus, streaming platforms (you do not need to pay more to access the US servers), and malware protection.

VeePN is one of the most effective ways to pay less for many tools. Thus, just install VPN for TV and not pay a huge monthly subscription for streaming. Use a VPN for app to protect your bank and personal details and do not let any intruders steal them. It will allow you to save money on anti-malware tools. Check users’ reviews VeePN and see which one to choose to save a lot of money!

3. Don’t accept an extended warranty

Plenty of stores offer extended warranties. No matter what you buy — a fridge, phone, or stove, there is a guarantee from a manufacturer that usually doesn’t exceed one year and a guarantee imposed by the store itself. They promise to exchange or fix your goods (depending on each particular store) in case something is wrong with the purchased thing after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

This is rather a marketing trick than a necessity though. As a rule, if nothing happened to your laptop or phone within a year, nothing will already happen after that (unless you break or damage it yourself but in this case, the extended warranty doesn’t cover it). Rejecting it is one of the best ways to save money on tech. Although they do not seem to cost much, they still do and you do not even imagine how much you overpay for them.

4. Wait for discounts

We usually do not need any devices or services urgently. All stores have special offers and discounts, you just need to wait for them. Do not rush to buy a new phone or laptop whenever you feel you need it. Just wait a bit by investigating their offers and prices beforehand. Subscribe to stores’ updates and here you go. Once there is a good offer, go for it!

You can always save plenty of money on your tech if you approach it properly. Just stop doing and paying for unnecessary things and you will get what you need.