A health insurance plan is necessary to ensure and safeguard your future if an unfortunate situation occurs. It provides full financial coverage against your medical bills and treatment in case of hospitalization.

In today’s unpredictable scenario where the world is in a constant battle with the deadly Covid-19 virus, you can take a step towards the safety and well-being of your and your family’s future by purchasing one of the top health insurance plans in India.

There are many benefits of opting for a health insurance plan other than cashless treatment like ambulance services, regular health check-ups, quality medical care, financial security and many more.

Nevertheless, when buying any health insurance plan, make sure you carefully go through all the terms and conditions mentioned under the policy’s inclusions and exclusions to get complete and all the benefits offered by the policy.

Moreover, you must purchase the best plan that suits your budget and meets all your requirements. Also, look for the common features that all the top health insurance plans have in common:

  • Coverage and Inclusions

Top health insurance plans provide you with full coverage and maximum benefits during an emergency or any unfortunate event. From ambulance to prescription medication, a health insurance plan covers everything. It also covers the treatment of all chronic and critical illnesses when diagnosed on time.

Also, it is advisable for you to carefully understand the coverage offered by top health insurance plans available and then compare them to find the one that provides maximum coverage and suits your budget. Moreover, mostly all the top health insurance plans offer pre and post hospitalization charges along with many other expenses like ambulance and bills.

  • Renewability Criteria

Some health insurance plans have an age limit. That is, you can only avail the benefits of these policies till a particular age. After that, you will have to get a new one as the old one won’t be renewed. Thus, the top health insurance plans come with lifetime renewability that will provide you with full coverage and can be renewed at any age.

However, make sure you thoroughly go through all the terms and conditions regarding the policy renewability. Considering most top health insurance plans have lifetime renewability, you can easily spot them and purchase them.

  • Health check-ups

You can get free health check-ups for you and your family at the nearest network hospital of your choice. Most of the top health insurance plans cover annual check-ups and offer coverage if any critical or chronic illness is diagnosed. Free regular health check-ups are one of the common features or inclusions of every health insurance policy available in the market today.

  • Tax Relaxations

Some top health insurance plans offer tax benefits as mentioned under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This relaxation is offered based on the premium amount that a policyholder pays annually. According to the premium amount, a health insurance plan lets you claim tax deductions ranging from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000.

  • Exclusions

While the top health insurance plans offer coverage for most health ailments and illnesses, there are still some exceptions, also known as ‘exclusions’, under all the policies. Every health insurance plan has its own exclusions and inclusions, but the following are the few common exclusions that are not covered by any policy:


  1. Cosmetic procedures and surgeries

  2. Dental procedures and treatments

  3. Pre-existing illness and sicknesses

  4. Congenital illness

  5. Injuries incurred due to war, terrorism, & suicide

  6. Overdose or side effects of non-prescription drugs


Secure Your Future Today: Purchase Top Health Insurance Plans

To survive in today unpredictable world where deadly diseases like Covid-19 are emerging along with other pollution borne diseases has become a little easier with health insurance plans.

Getting your family’s and your health insured under a comprehensive health insurance plan can be one of the best decisions to make right now.

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