The internet is like your spinal cord. Without your spinal cord, you can barely move. It is the same thing with the internet. Nearly everything is done online in this 21st century. Hence, in order to improve and boost your internet experience, you should adopt these various ways shared by Jumia Travel . This will prevent any kind of frustration and anxiety as well as make your job faster. Enjoy your internet experience!

Softblock social media
Certain organizations block social media while others do not. Nevertheless, if you work with a company that allows employees access to social media, you can softblock especially if you dislike what your friends are posting or tweeting. In other words, you can unfollow a friend on Facebook or mute a friend on twitter. The only thing you achieve here is that they will still remain your friends but you wouldn’t see their activities on your feed.

Delete old email accounts
Most of us have more than one email accounts. If you didn’t activate the automatic forward option, you have to check all your emails. Better still, if a particular mail is inactive, you should simply delete it.

Use private browsing
If you don’t want anyone to track your online activities, you should always use private browsing. Browsers like Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla all have the private browsing option.

Move internet routers away from electronics
Wi-Fi routers are vulnerable to various interference, especially from electronics. So, if you use electronics like television, speakers, DVD players, Bluetooth, and phones, you should move them away from your router for optimal performance of your router.

Lock your computer screen
Activating your ‘lock your computer screen’ option will prevent your friends or colleagues from snooping at your screen when you are away. It will also keep children from tampering with your laptop. Most laptops can automatically lock their screen but if this doesn’t happen, you can activate it yourself.

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