We all have our own ways of moving on from an argument. While some of us like to sleep over it, others like to reach a conclusion as soon as possible and move on. Whatever your way, the important thing is to acknowledge the argument, and deal with it in a way your relationship suffers the least damage. If you’ve ever struggled to move on from an argument, here are five ways to acknowledge the hurt and guilt and get over it.

Cool Off There is no need to rush into having that last word or apologise, till you are ready. Take your time. Cool off before you regret saying whatever comes to your mind. Take time to think things through and then address the problem. But do address it later. Accept That It Happened Be it an argument with a friend, a showdown with a colleague or a fight with a loved one, skipping the apology and starting over is not a good idea. Acknowledging the argument and letting the other person know that you understand where their hurt and anger is coming from goes a long way in dealing with things positively. No Deep-Freeze Please

It’s easy to simply tune this person out till the anger goes away. Deep-freezing our emotions is a defence mechanism for dealing with hurt. But it’s not the best method. The anger or hurt only pents up inside making you bitter along the way.


Life is not an ego game. It does not matter who is in the wrong, if hurtful words were exchanged, apologise for the same first, and then come to the issue.

Work on triggersCircle back to what triggered the argument and look at ways to completely eliminate the issue. But in the meantime, also work on the triggers that lead to the argument.

-Ainee Nizami

Source: indiatimes.com