1/106 healthy things to do before your lunchtime!

6 healthy things to do before your lunchtime!

Don’t we all look forward to the lunch break just as we get to the office? No need to hide! We are all guilty of this and it’s not bad at all! Sometimes, it’s the temptation of getting up from your seat and eat something good which pushes us to work faster and get things done. But yummy food apart, there are some other things you should actually be focusing on pre-lunch.

2/10Is work stressing you?

Is work stressing you?

Forget monday blues! What is the key to having a good day at work? Like many other things, what you eat has got a role to play here as well. If you are not healthy from within, the stress and tiredness begin to show on the outside.

3/10It’s important to take a break

It’s important to take a break

Before we get to discussing healthy habits and making the best use of your break, it is important to actually take some time off from the laptop when you are slogging from 9 to 5. It can help you decompress, relax and get some energy into the body.

4/10Make changes to your work schedule

Make changes to your work schedule

There are always those days when we think a lunch break is going to solve all our problems and give us some energy to hustle harder at work. However, that never works and makes us even more lethargic. More than the break, here are some pick me up hacks which could motivate you to do your best work without waiting for a lunch break.



We are actually asking you to gossip (just not at a large scale though). Socialising, or taking small breaks to talk and chatter with your teammates about anything but the office can build a positive environment and give you a quick mental break.

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