Employees always have a love-hate affair with their bosses. What’s funny is that it’s actually meant to be. There are bosses who just can’t stop nudging their noses towards their subordinates’ work and there are some who blindly trust the employees as to what they are doing. Bosses are strict, funny, irritating or even friendly. What’s most important is that they are awe-inspiring. Their brilliant perspective towards work and coordination strategies get yu working, no matter what. Hence, we bring you 6 professionals who share what they love and hate about their bosses.

1. “My boss is never satisfied with my work. Even if I do loads in a day, he always ends up telling me that I’ve done way less that I should be doing. I’m not even sure if he tries to encourage me to do better because every day, it honestly gets irritating. But there’s this one thing, I once forgot to bring lunch to the office during the quarantine period and it was mandatory for us to come. My boss quietly shared his lunch with me. Now I’m sure that I don’t really hate him.”
Nithin Singh, Banker

2. “My boss has a habit of nitpicking everyone’s work. She also refuses to sit down and talk to me whenever I ask for feedback. I don’t know if she genuinely doesn’t like my work or just refuses to acknowledge questions. It’s so confusing! But, the other day I heard my boss vouching for my name for the lead role in a project. It isn’t confirmed but I’m really happy.”

Saumya Kolarth, Public Relations 3. “I was an intern in the company I now work for. My then-boss had given me such bad remarks on my feedback form that I ended up getting really fewer marks in my college course. However, I later learnt that he was the one who recommended my name for new recruiters’ selection process. The world surely works in a twisted way.”

Abhay Sharma, IT

4. “My boss literally calls me at 4 in the morning to accompany him for a sudden business meeting in another city. He expects me to prepare myself mentally and handle his business presentations and files in less than 3-4 hours. Not even a night! The job wears me down but I’m thankful that my boss treats me and the other accompanying team members to a good brunch every time. Even if we don’t do good.”

Reema Verma, Secretary

5. “My boss is so overly strict that I honestly like the fact that we are working from home right. Forget empathy, he never even listens to our problems even once. I wish our boss could’ve been a bit friendlier. But it’s alright because it’s his strictness that has kept the workflow really smooth.”

Samhita Banerjee, IT

6. “My literally calls me out with the colour of the shirt I’m wearing in the office. It’s so embarrassing, and so I was determined to speak to my boss about this. Can you imagine someone calling you in front of others by, hey you! Blue shirt, take this file?! I communicated this to my boss head-on. Surprisingly, he did apologise. Apparently, he forgets names.”

Parth Dixit, Sub-Editor

Source: indiatimes.com