7 Possible Benefits You Can Give To Your Customers For A Indoor Pool During Winter

7 Possible Benefits You Can Give To Your Customers For A Indoor Pool During Winter

Are you struggling to find customers for indoor pools during winters? Are you looking for pool financing options? Generally, people do not opt for outdoor swimming during winters, but they can still enjoy an indoor spa or a heated indoor pool. As a pool business owner, you need to advocate the benefits of an indoor pool during winters.

Besides investing in marketing, you also need to provide some benefits to customers that will attract them. Most of us do not want to step into the water in winters because it is too cold, but recent technological advancements in the pool industry can help you in providing heated indoor pools.

You can still grow your pool business in winters by applying some simple strategies. You can be a builder, retailer, service provider, etc. in the pool industry and can make the most out of winters. Read on to know some of the major benefits you can provide to your customers for an indoor pool during winter.

Invest In Pool Technologies

You can provide the latest pool technologies to your customers this winter. Various latest pool technologies can help customers to regulate the temperature, atmosphere, etc., of the pool. If not for cold water, people will opt for warm waters amidst the winter.

Smart water chemistry monitors are being developed by various pool companies. You just have to toss a tracking device in your indoor pool or spa and can remotely check the pH balance, chlorine level, alkalinity, temperature, and various other attributes of water chemistry.

The water chemistry monitors can also provide you smart notifications when the water requires treatment. You can access information about your pool remotely via the internet. As a pool provider or builder, you can also provide pools with built-in AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process).

AOP helps in the sanitization of residential pools, spas, or hot tubs. An oxidizer is used by the AOP system to kill the bacteria and pathogens present in the water. Various other automatic pool cleaning technologies can also attract customers during winters.

Discounted Services

Off-seasons can still boost your sales if you apply top marketing strategies. Giving discounts or giveaways to your customers is a traditional and tested method of gaining an audience. You will have to invest a little in giving discounts to your customers, and it will help you in the long run.

You can provide indoor pools at discounted rates or can conduct giveaways for lucky customers. It will not only enhance your market reach but will also build brand credibility. Pool builders can also offer services at lower rates to attract customers.

You can offer new types of pools in winters like heated pools, hot spas, etc., to attract customers. The off-seasons also provide an opportunity to work on the previous shortcomings in one’s services. You can provide attractive offers, holiday coupons, etc., to enhance your pool business during winters.

Pool Lighting

It gets dark early in winters, and people may hesitate to step into an indoor pool in darkness. You can install lighting systems in the indoor pools to allow customers to swim whenever they like. LED lightings of various colors can be installed in indoor pools for lighting and overall pool look.

LED lighting is more durable and compact as compared to incandescent lighting. Pools with LED lighting also require fewer maintenance efforts and are also energy efficient. Providing pool decoration services will attract more customers even in this offseason.

Pool Music

There have been many innovations in the pool industry in recent years. If customers are not willing to invest in a traditional indoor pool during winters, you can provide them heated pools with various benefits like underwater speakers, movable floors, etc.

Underwater speakers are the latest innovation in the pool industry and can create an atmosphere of enjoyment & tranquillity. Normal speakers cannot be submerged in water, so special speakers with a watertight plastic coating are used inside indoor pools.

Pool Styles

Pool builders can offer customized pools to attract more customers. You can invest in providing infinity-edge indoor pools that have gained popularity in recent times. You can also provide movable floors that help in raising & lowering the base of your indoor pool.

There are various pool styles according to the housing structure of customers. A personalized touch in providing pool services can satisfy your customers, thus increasing your revenue.

Financing To Customers

If you are not able to sell your pool plan to customers during winters, try selling them a financed pool plan. Your customers can pay a minimum amount to you for installing an indoor pool and can pay the rest in installments.

Providing financing to customers will not only help them in giving less initial cost for the installment of the pool but will also enhance customer loyalty. Various pool financing options can be provided to customers like personal loans, home equity loans, etc.

You can also provide pool financing on your terms without the involvement of any third-party loan/insurance firm. It will help you in building good customer relationships and selling your pool plan during winters.

Various firms provide pool financing services to customers at lower rates. There is a risk associated with financing, but you can eradicate customer risks by only providing pool financing to customers with a good credit rating.

Consult & Advocate

You can consult form building advocators and representatives to find key insights. A fine example of this is the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) that advocates for the rights & resources of builders & construction workers in the state.

They also provide expert consultancy and education for providing the best housing services across the state. You can also consult with experts to find out the customer demands and trending pool services/innovations.


Pool businesses can suffer a low time in winters, but the tempo can be upped by providing various benefits to customers. Technology can aid a lot in providing various benefits to customers. You can also provide discounts & seasonal offers to customers for indulging them in your pool plans.

Pool financing has been tried by various pool providers, and it has worked for them. Customers will prefer the installment of a fully furnished indoor pool by just paying an initial amount. They will also be connected to your business for a longer-term.