Kenyan Hip Hop is good. We might still be a long way before we get an AKA, Cassper Nyovest or Sarkodie but we are trying.

However, if you are a fan of Kenyan hip-hop music, there are questions that you can’t help but keep on asking yourself. Here are some of them.

1. Why does Khaligraph keep using other people’s beats?

Most of Khaligraph’s major hits have basically been freestyles on other people’s beats. From the Ojuelegba Refix to Yego to RIP Competition to Mi Casa Sucasa to Mario Refix to Shiro. It’s too much. Doesn’t he have a producer? Or rather, doesn’t he have a budget for production? As Kenyans, we might appreciate him but the international community will never take seriously a rapper who jerks other people’s beats.

Khaligraph Miss Cashy

Image: Instagram/Khaligraph


2. Why does King Kaka sing too much instead of rapping?

Just the way American hip hop fans say “We miss the old Kanye”, Kenyan hip hop fans say “We miss the old King Kaka.” Back in the day, King Kaka, better known as Rabbit used to be hardcore but lately he has commercialized himself to the core. He might have his commercial reasons but as fans we can’t understand it.

King Kaka suits

Image: Instagram (@kingkaka)


3.  What happened to Stella Mwangi (STl)?

STL just faded. She was Kenya’s queen of rap but she just faded. What happened? No one knows.

stella mwangi


4. Will we ever have another E-sir?

E-sir is like Kenya’s Tupac. There probably will never be another one like him but we keep hoping. It’s all we can do – hope.


Image: mdundo


5. Why did the likes of Chiwawa and Ukoo Flani fall of the radar?

Chiwawa and Ukoo Flani used to be super great but they also fell off too. Maybe it’s because no one stays at the top forever? But if that’s the case, why are the likes of Nameless, Jua Cali and Wyre still doing great yet they started their careers around the same time as the above guys.




6. Why did Octopizzo have to lie about collaborating with August Alsina?

I had to come to this.In 2015, Octopizzo lied to Kenyans that he had collaborated with American R&B singer Augusst Alsina. It was later revealed that the claim was a lie and the vocals used were that of an upcomingLatino singer.And those vocals were in fact used without the singer’s permission.

Octopizzo kenyan artiste fashion

Image: Facebook/ OCTOPIZZO


7. Who will be the next big female rapper?

Lately, there has been beef between female rappers. A couple of solid diss tracks emerged but the melee has faded. Kenyan female rappers never seem to have the drive of their male counterparts. It seems like they do music part time, which is not something fans appreciate.Fans demand constant delivery.

Shiko Femi One

Images: Instagram/femi-one