The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, has revealed that 70% of problems in Ghana are related to Christians since they are mostly involved in negative acts and corrupt practices.

According to him, in spite of the fact that most Ghanaians claim to be Christians, they always gave the police service a hard time because all they do is pay lip service instead of living a Christ-like life.

Rev. Prof. Asante described the situation as rather unfortunate and called on Ghanaians to change in order for the country to develop.

He expressed the hope that once Christians changed their ways from their involvement in crime and corruption related activities things would improve in the country.

“70% of the country’s problems are Christian problems because we pay lip service. That’s why we are where we are,”

Speaking at the climax of the 60th anniversary of the Church of Christ Spiritual Movement in Cape Coast, the Chairman of the Peace Council was however, full of praise for the church in the achievement of their milestone.

The Rev Prof Asante however admonished Christians to be wary of pastors who preach about themselves.

He averred, the gospel should be about Christ and his teachings and not any other person.

He added that many teachings and preaching in many churches these days are not a true reflection of the teachings of Christ.

He explained that trouble looms in our churches when we push Christ aside and put our ourselves at the centre of things