Men deserve to be treated well and pampered with compliments just like women. And a lot of women also believe that their men deserve all the genuine praise because of how they make them feel. We asked a few men to share how the women they've dated or they're dating make them feel attractive. This is what they have to say:

- She thinks I'm funny: "I think I have a really good sense of humour because she's always laughing at my jokes and when I reply in a witty manner, she calls me cute, funny and smart at the same time."

- She gives me confidence: "I was never a confident guy but my woman makes me feel confident because she believes in me."

- She likes how I smell: "She always compliments me for the choice of perfumes I use. It makes me feel really appreciated and attractive."
- She loves how I dress: "My girlfriend always appreciates my dressing sense even if I wear my favourites repeatedly. I think she's also quite jealous of my eyebrows. Haha!"

- She hugs me a lot: "I used to feel really attractive because my girlfriend pampered me and showered me with hugs almost all the time. It made me feel she was so much into me."

- She thinks I'm cute: "I don't think men get to hear this a lot so when they do, they feel really attractive. I like being called cute and handsome by my woman. She always makes me blush with her generous compliments."

- She boosts my self-esteem: "I think over the years, my self-esteem has grown a lot mainly because my lady keeps insisting me to believe that I'm attractive and desirable."

- She loves how punctual I am: "I am a guy who always plans things and gets to places on time. All my exes have always appreciated how I never make them wait and always plan things out appropriately. It kind of makes me feel like a really desirable person."