It’s a new year and you’re on a mission to get in the best shape of your life or you’re just on a mission to improve your health. You sit down and think of the best way to achieve this health goal of yours and you decide that losing fat through juicing is the route to take.

So off to the organic market you go ready to stock up on your green juice ingredients because at this point, the research you’ve done has shown that juicing will not only help you lose unwanted body fat but will also help nourish your body with the right stuff and get things running smoothly in there.

With so much psyche to start your new health journey you start juicing but two weeks down the line, there’s no change in your weight and guess what’s more puzzling, you’ve put on 1lb! You swear it’s that damned juicing! There and then you quit juicing and you forget about your health goals altogether. You don’t need things that make you gain weight at this point in your life anyway!

Here’s the thing, you went about juicing the wrong way and these are some of the reasons juicing makes you gain weight.

1.Your juicing ingredients are mostly sugar.

Fruits and vegetables loaded with sugar such as pineapples, bananas, mangoes, beets, carrots etc should be kept to a minimum especially when it comes to detox/health juices. We all know what too much sugar can do to our bodies, don’t we?

2.You’re forgetting about solid foods.

Not eating enough food causes havoc to your body. It slows down your metabolism. When you eat too little food, whatever you eat or drink however little is stored in your body as fat. Healthy salads, fruits and nuts should accompany juicing for those desirable results.

3.You are drinking your healthy juice on a full stomach.

Drinking your healthy juice on a full stomach=zero work as doing so disrupts your digestive system hence slowing down everything. Healthy juices should be drank on an empty stomach because then nutrients get properly absorbed and digested as a meal which is what we are aiming for at this point-getting full on the healthy stuff. Right?

4.You’re not drinking your juice right away.

To get maximum goodness from your juices, you should drink it immediately or within 15 minutes of making your juice. Storing your juice in the fridge for several hours or even days kills the enzymes, nutrients and vita-nutrients and will also make your juice more sugary and we want to avoid consuming too much sugar when cleansing our digestive systems via juicing. No?

5.You are juicing the same things over and over again.

When juicing , it is important to rotate your greens especially every 3 days as your body is bound to get used to the same type of greens. Consuming the same thing over and over makes your body stop absorbing enzymes, nutrients and the vitamins effectively.

6.You are not juicing the peels, rinds and skins of your fruits and vegetables.

Throwing away these parts of fruits and vegetables is like tossing away gold. More often than not, the peels, rinds and skins have more vitamins than the actual fruit.

7.You are not juicing consistently.

Sometimes we travel or we get busy such that our schedules get disrupted and this could disrupt our meal schedules as well. Not juicing consistently inhibits your body from reaping maximum benefits from the juices. Green juice should be drank at least everyday without long breaks in between if you want the best results.

8.You are not drinking enough water.

Water is life! It aids in digestion, gets our metabolism going and does wonders for our organs. Drinking water should go hand in hand with juicing if you want good results.