Christmas in the 90s was the best. The flamboyant lifestyles we see each day lately were reserved for the season of Christmas.

It was epic, it was fun but some of the things will have no meaning to 2000 babies because truly speaking, they don’t know what real hustle is. Here are 10 Christmas experiences in the 90s that will make no sense to 2000 babies.

1. Coca-Cola

You only had a full bottle of coke to yourself during Christmas. For the few privileged who were lucky to taste Coca-Cola before Christmas, it was 10 children to one bottle. Can Coke was for the very privileged.

Coca cola (Coke)

Image: TradeFair


2. Chicken

Mummy cooked rice and stew throughout the year, mummy cooked Jollof rice too but the only time chicken was very much an integral part of the meal was during Christmas. That was heaven on earth.

Image: Friendly Mela


3. Christmas Dress

The discussion on Christmas dress starts weeks before the real deal. You are not allowed to wear them when they are bought until the holidays came so you had to do your description to your friends on how yours was the best among the rest.



4. Bronya Ade3 (Christmas Gift)

This is where the Christmas dress comes to play. You wear it and move from door to door asking for your Christmas gift from people you know have something to give. Some form of Ghanaian Halloween.

love gifts



5. Plastic Spectacles

They were the trend of the time. Anything goes with it, you just had to have it irrespective of the size, shape and colour. Simple.

Image: Dressupnation


6. Toy Gun

These toy guns came around every Christmas. For the guys, it was a must have. Kpaw! kpaw!! everywhere.

Image :


7. Knockouts

Please, you can take whatever proper name you have of this and shove it somewhere. What the world knew was knockout and its sound was everywhere. Pure joy.


8. Christmas Shoes With Lights

Charlie, people are having intense flashback now ???


Photo: BitRebels


9. Balloon Raffle

These 90s babies started gambling way back in the days. However, nobody ever won the big balloon. Show up if you did.