Information Minister, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid has said it is almost impossible for anybody to praise his opponent, it is therefore rather absurd to look forward to any commendation or applause from the camp of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for any work done, even if it is evidently outstanding, 

Mustapha Hamid who is confident that his administration is doing exceptionally well to transform the Information Ministry says he does not expect the NDC to laud him for his efforts but is also not surprised when they find fault with everything he does.

“You expect NDC people to praise me that I’m doing well, if NDC people are saying I’m not doing well please cut it out…it depends on whether there is substance in it….if there is substance in it, we will take it….what is substance in this?,” he quizzed on “21 minutes with KKB”.

His comments were in response to questions from Host of ’21 Minutes with KKB’, on the Ghana Card which was pledged to be issued by April, 2018 and why government has failed to honor that promise. The GhanaCard was launched by government earlier this year to replace the sectoral identity cards in circulation and become the only card to be used in transactions where identification is required as provided by law.
The cards are however not ready to be issued though the deadline is due.

Responding to Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng, the Information Minister hinted the process of issuing the Ghana card will start in May, 2018, attributing the delay to constraints in completing processes necessary for the issuance of the cards.

“God willing we have said that in May, the process for issuing them would start. Because all of the issues that needed to be resolved to get it onboard were not resolved…it didn’t happen so it’s okay, it would happen in May”, he said.

That submission led to the next question of whether it should become conventional and should be accepted by Ghanaians that promises from government may delay and or may not be honored.

“It’s not okaaay” for government to be giving timelines and missing them, but that there is no need for a debate on the issue because it didn’t happen when it was announced it would, he said but was however quick to assure that government’s pledges to complete certain projects and flagship programs will materialize.

“all of them will materialize Insha Allah”. He assured.

Credit: Ghanaweb