The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Amansie South in the Ashanti Region, Clement Opoku Gyamfi has declared the year 2021 as a year of “revenue mobilization” to broaden the scope of the Internally Generated Funds (IGF) of the District.

According to him, some of the developmental projects he has initiated in the District will be identifying some source of revenues in the District that has been left off the hook for some time now.

Speaking to journalist, he said they have not been neglected but due to how the District is, it is very difficult to identify certain sources of revenue. He assured that with the year of revenue mobilization, the District will be targeting building permits, basic rate for everybody, kiosks and all other sources of revenue that were ignored.

The DCE mentioned that luckily for the District there is a large mining company, the Asanko Gold Mines, which pay its basic rates to the District consistently. He said the company has helped them to keep in shape aside from the money that comes from the government.

“When I took over this office, one of the first things I did was to identify the major problems and itemized them on a scale of preference. And as a rural area, we are associated with all kinds of problems faced by rural areas such as bad roads, electricity, accessibility to potable water.

“So by this, bad roads became very necessary and topped the list. We, therefore, had to budget for it and present it to the assembly and quickly get to work. As I’m speaking to you now, we have been able to reshape all our busy roads in the District,” he indicated.

Mr. Gyamfi noted that when he took over he couldn’t even measure about 10km of asphaltic roads in the District but by good management and supervision it’s gradually been resolved.

He added that he had to also make sure that he identifies every community with their needs so that he won’t give or add more projects to communities that already had them.

He said, “this system also helped us a lot. We were can identify that this community needs water most and not six-unit classroom blocks. With this, fair enough we have been able to share the cake equally and fairly.”

He assured that he can’t promise to heal the District but he will give out his best to ensure that the District becomes well developed and less-in-need of basic amenities to catch up with the development of the country.

Outlining some of his projects, he boasted of; Construction of 1 Storey 12 Unit classroom block (Manso Adubia SHS); Construction of District Ambulance Bay (Manso Adubia); Construction of 1 No. 6 Unit Classroom block with office and store, 6 seater water closet toilet, Fully furnished ICT lab at Manso Abiram, Construction of 6 bedroom girls Dormitory at Manso Adubia S.H.S, and Construction of 2 Storey Office Complex for the District Assembly.

Other ongoing Projects are; Construction of Office Complex for Ghana Police Service at Manso Nkran, Extension of National Grid Electricity to 26 Communities, construction of 2 Unit KG block with Office, store, kitchen and 6 seater water closet toilet at Manso Watereso.

The rest are: Construction of 1 No. Semi detached nurses quarters at Manso Adubia (001), Construction of 1 No. Semi detached nurses quarters at Manso Adubia (002), Construction of 1 No.3 Unit Classroom block with a mechanized bore hole, Construction of 1 No. 2 Unit KG block with office and store at Manso Dawusaso, 1 No. 3 Unit Classroom block at Manso Odaho, 1 No. 2 Unit Classroom block at Manso Agroyesum, market stores at Manso Kumpese, 1No. 5 mechanised bore hole to curb COVID-19 Manso Adubia, Keniago, Aponapon, Odaho and Watereso.

With road Infrastructure, he said they are reshaping 12km Watereso - Aboaboso road, Construction of 14km Mem junction - Adubia - Kumpese(Bitumen), construction of 10km Nweneso - Odaho (COCOBOD) andConstruction of 26.3km Kensere - Odumasi - Afedie - Gyeduako - Watereso which is a cocoa board projects.