A group of angry residents within Pankrono in the Tafo-Pankrono Municipality of the Ashanti Region, have registered their displeasure over what they describe as 'unprofessional work' on the side of the Moro Market Divisional crime officer, one Chief Minta.

According to the angry youth the so-called crime officer is usually fond of extorting monies from innocent people after using mere informants who are not professionally trained, to arrest these innocent people.

They have therefore warned him to desist from such acts and do professional work or face their wrath when he attempts to make any such arrest and extortion acts on them.

Their outrage sparks from a recent arrest made to one Kofi Acheampong and some others by the officer and his informants.

According to them, Acheampong who is never a wee smoker was arrested on the allegation of smoking, without the officer having any evidence but demanded GHC1,000.00 before bail.

"Acheampong usually comes to the school park watch or play football at dawn, why mixing such an innocent person with your arrest when he's was watching, and begin to extort money from them?" They quizzed in anger.

They have therefore threatened to stage a bloody clash against him and his men if he does not desist from such 'evil' strategy which he does to enrich himself.

Source: Asona Dehyie Kwateng