Abbeam Institute of Technology has held its fourth graduation ceremony for 21 students.

The event, which was held at the premises of the institute located at Kasoa on the Obum Road, attracted a large number of personalities including past students of the institute.

The Abbeam Institute of Technology since its establishment has produced a strong set of talented designers, serving the needs of society with a beautiful collection of designs both in and outside the country.

The Abbeam Institute had showcased on various established platforms, including art exhibitions, seminars and hosted a fashion show to exhibit their brands and experience of fashion in the competitive world of business.
Speaking at the ceremony, the President of Abbeam Institute of Technology, Mr. Christopher Vanderpui Agbesi, urged graduates to utilise their skills and knowledge acquired from the institution to help reduce youth unemployment in the country.

According to him, the institution has offered employable skills to the students, hence they should make use of the acquired skills to create jobs and wealth and reduce poverty in the country.

“Currently there is a high demand of skilled labour in the country and students of Abbeam Institute of Technology must make use of the opportunity to make wealth for themselves,” he said.

Mr. Agbesi further stated that the Government of Ghana can’t employ all the youth, hence the need for the youth to acquire skills from a practical-oriented institution rather than sorting to invest their money and time in betting and money rituals.

“It sometimes beat my understanding when youth rally to demonstrate for being unemployed. But the same youth will use their resources to invest in betting and money rituals and later blame the government for being unemployed. The youth must educate themselves using any available resources at their disposal,” he stated.

Abbeam Institute of Technology is one of the best private learning educational institutions in Ghana with the vision to develop an existing academic environment that is open to various intellectual interests of its members.

Over the past few years, the Abbeam Institute of Technology has reported an increase in the number of applicants who want to join the institution. The institution offer courses in Media and Communication Studies, Business Administration (BA), Languages and Law, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology).