Coffin full of human remains have been found in a wooden structure on a plot of land at Adenta, near Accra.

The owner of the plot, one Kwame, narrated to Accra FM on Monday June 19 that he gave the plot to the occupant of the wooden structure, one Martin, following a plea to him by his friend to allow him (Martin) put up a temporary structure on the property for lodging.

In January 2017, Kwame said he asked Martin to vacate the plot since he wanted to develop the land, but Martin refused, threatening to kill him and take over the land.

Kwame added that he and his family decided to put up a wall around the plot to save it from encroachment, while also deciding to uproot a Neem tree that was on the land. But when the tree was uprooted, Kwame and his family realised to their shock that a coffin full of human bones had been buried on the property.

They also saw other coffins containing human body parts in the wooden structure raised on the plot.

He said: “I have a sawmill, so, he had been coming to work there. This boy was there and a friend told him that since he doesn’t have a place to sleep he should tell me about so I give him that plot of land to mount a wooden structure to live there. At that time he had a pregnant girlfriend and that made me give him the land.

“I didn’t rent it to him, but I started hearing rumours that he wanted to kill me to take over the land, and, so, I decided to take action. So last Friday, we came here to move him out and that was when we saw the coffins.

“There is a Neem tree too near the structure. I ordered that they should uproot it. We then saw a box containing some funny things – knife, red armbands, and bones I believe are human.”