Our lives are more transient now than they’ve ever been. Careers, relationships, life choices change radically as we experience different phases of life. It’s said that as we enter our 30s, our thought processes change and we can experience the same in our relationships and bonds with people.

You must’ve noticed that your friend circle from back when you were a kid to now, has drastically changed. You gorged on your larger friends group and loved playing games together. But now, as you're in your 30s, everything has changed. We suddenly become responsible and mature with age and our friendships also take a major turn. The number of friends reduces and maybe, there’s just two or three of them left. But fear not. These three friends are the ones that have been with you throughout, supporting and elevating you. You don’t need a larger circle, but only a few good ones.

You’ll find yourself talking to your friend the same way, even if you both haven't spoken to each other for years. That’s adult friendships. There’s a sense of belongingness and trust. They know you’re there. You don’t need to explain yourself as to why you couldn’t give time to them because it’s quite understandable that you even struggle to find time for yourself.

Even if it’s really hard to take out time to stay connected, technological advances have made it easier for us to do so. Instagram, WhatsApp and more, just a text and bam! You’ve already started a conversation. Texting has really made it easier.

Why are adult friendships important?

Several studies have concluded that social friendships keep your heart active and healthy and increase life expectancy. It reduces our stress levels and releases happy endorphins within the body. Other than that, we generally feel good that we have people who’ll be there for us no matter what.

If they aren't available to celebrate your weight loss goals, it’s okay. But remember this, they’ll be there to wipe off your tears when you go through a bad break up. Adult friendships make us weave a sign of relief because there’s a mature understanding between two people.

We need to prioritise friendships and value them. Lost in between productivity levels and loads of work, we often forget that we need to text that one friend because they had asked something. We fail to prioritise. However, it’s not all on you. Carefully select the friends you would prioritise your time for. Do it for those who are more likely to get out of their way to help you too. It’s then you realise that you are among the right people.

Friendships are like an elastic band. Sometimes they stretch and sometimes they snap right back at it. Even if your bonds suffer from problems, it’s more likely that your adult friendship bond will survive. Earlier, you may have been proud and hardly tried to say sorry. But now, it doesn’t beat your pride to apologise. Maturity, time and experience bring such a change and trust, me it’s for the better.

Source: indiatimes.com