Human Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves, 34, has revealed he's officially done with plastic surgery after having spent more than £500k on 60 surgeries in his bid to become a 'perfect' human.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the Brazilian TV personality said: 'Unless I need something done for medical procedures, I am completely done with it.

'I have to stop with plastic surgery. There is nothing else that can be changed without compromising my health.

'Having 60 surgeries, including face and neck lifts, pectoral implants and 4 ribs removed is enough. Now, I will only have any more surgery for health reasons or when I get much older.'

According to him, what he had done on himself so far has taken over his life.

'For the past ten years, I would go to bed thinking about what plastic surgery to get and where to go.

'I would spend hours on my computer researching in order not to make the mistakes that I made on the past.

'Once I had gel fillers in my arms that left me paralysed in the arms for four week, five years ago.'

Before his decision, Rodrigo, who appeared on FOX TV in the US on Monday, decided to dedicate his time to social causes such as the issue of gender fluidity.

According to the report, he also wants to raise money for those that need plastic surgery for reconstructive and medical reasons in poor countries but can’t afford it.

Finally feeling content, Rodrigo, who says he was an overweight child, who was bullied for his looks, is looking forward to the future.

Moving forward, he said: 'I think that I look great and I feel good.

'I also feel blessed because I have been given so many opportunities in various countries to turn myself into a lifestyle brand.'