Kumawood actor, musician and Youtuber, Kwaku Manu wants the government to build a statue in honour of legendary Ghanaian actor, Agya Koo for his immense contribution to the Ghana movie industry.

In an exclusive interview with Kumasi-based vlogger, Poleeno, Kwaku Manu explained that in the prime of his career, Agya Koo through his acting prowess compelled Ghanaians to develop a love and interest for Ghana movies in a time when Nigerian movies dominated the market.

“We must build a statue in honour of Agya Koo. Even if his statue is not built in Kumasi, it should be built in the capital, Accra. It is because of him that many Ghanaians came to love Kumawood movies and opened the door for all of us,” Kwaku Manu explained.

According to Kwaku Manu, Agya Koo helped the country to generate lots of revenue as his presence in films boosted the sales of Ghanaian movies. These, he believes, made ex-president John Agyekum Kufour award the legendary actor with the Grand Medal award.

“Why do you think President Kufour awarded Agya Koo sometime back? Do you know the amount of money the Nigerians were making from Ghana through their movies? Agya Koo stopped all that with his movies. The man is simply a legend.”

Kwaku Manu also mentioned that Agya Koo shaped his career in acting as he was a mentor to him from a distance.

“It is through Agya Koo that we have all been able to make it in acting. I used to watch Agya Koo’s movies and I still do. Agya Koo is one of the few actors I watch and quote his lines when I am acting, ” Kwaku Manu explained.

Watch the full interview below.

Source: Ghanaweb