"When the Masses revolt against a government, they careless about armoured vehicles, they turn deaf-ears to firing arms, they feel unperturbed with the flow of blood and they consider life meaningless to their existence; all they think about is "Ending it anyhow, no matter what happens"!!!!

This is a humble reminder to President Nana Akuffo Addo (of Ghana), the defence, interior and national security ministers.

The happenings in Ghana, in relation to shooting and killing innocent youngsters have the tendency of putting the security of the country in jeopardy.

Ahmed Suale (a journalist) was killed, after Kennedy Agyapong had call for his maiming and assault; nothing has happened.

Seven (7) youngmen from Asawase were gunned killed by the police, there is no report only that government compensated their families that IT WAS A MISTAKE; nobody has been dealt with for causing their lives, even if it were to be a mistake.

Some other youth lost their lives with others struggling to recover from their injuries, during the 2020 elections; no single person (either a police or a civilian) has been picked up not to talk about what the trigger was; it appears a dead case.

Some of those who have been championing the #FixTheCountryDemo# have been threatened, unfortunately with some haven been picked by the Ghana police; this is happening in Democratic Ghana, Mr. President.

There is a fresh case in Ejura In the Ashanti region, where three (3) people have suddenly lost their lives with others seriously injured; the MCE of the area and his boys have been alleged against, only for him and his family to flee the community. Hmmmmm!!!

Let's be careful.
Let it not be considered that the security forces (i.e; Police and Military), have become surrogates to political orders and would not act in accordance with laws and orders; hmmmmmmm, yoooo!!!

Do not let the civilians feel that it is unsafe to report matters to the police or go to court, because you would NOT get justice. Hmmm, yoooo!!!.

The government of Ghana, should be guided by how "the Arab Spring started" and act before things fall apart; we cannot sit unconcerned with this growing level of terror, insecurity and broad-daylight killings to continue. I am a citizen Not a spectator!, yoooo!!!

If care is not taken, there can be a CIVIL UPRISING because of the current happenings, Mr. President; let's not always be sent to be protecting politically-connected criminals, because they belong to or share the same political party with us. "Crime has no political power", Mr. President! Yoooo!!!

Always remember this; "No President gets his peace of mind when civilians start revolting; the UN or NETO would not aid you with armories to fight an uprising civilians", let's prevent a negative future from happening, yoooo!!!

My heartfelt condolences go to the families of all those who had lost their lives, in the recent past (from Zongo 7, Elections brutalities and the fresh Ejura massacres).

May the Almighty strenghten their families and loved ones.

Always remember that, I am a citizen Not a Spectator!!!.

God bless our homeland Ghana and restore hope, happiness and peace to our motherland.


Lichtenberg - Berlin-Germany