President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has vowed to deal ruthlessly with digital fraudsters.

According to him, his administration is ready will fight against the activities of digital fraudsters in order to safeguard the digital economy of the country.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the a three day SWIFT African Regional Conference under the theme: “Enabling the Digital Economy”, at the Kempinski Gold Coast, President Akufo Addo said “the evolution of technological innovations have a downside” and that “the world over cyber attacks on digital payment platforms have become sophisticated and it is important that we close ranks to deal with this new emerging threat lest we risk the erosion of confidence in our financial Payment system”.

“Just as technology offers opportunities to grow our economies and bring progress to our people, there are criminal syndicates who will always be burnt on exploiting it for their selfish interests. They have to be relentlessly fought” President Akufo Addo said.

Search for Digital Solutions

The President additionally, urged the over 500 financial service representatives from across the industry in Africa, to use the 26th edition of the SWIFT African Regional Conference (ARC), to find strategic solutions to the digital financial challenges in Africa.

“This conference should serve as the Fulcrum to strengthen the future of the African financial industry. I believe in this room, we have a distinguished gathering who will share their perspectives on some of the critical issues to spare our continent towards the path of full digitization of her economies” President Akufo Addo stated.