Astute investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas says the police have now developed 'cold feet' and achieved minimal progress in a case involving the death of Tiger Eye PI team member, Ahmed Husein-Suale.

Hussein-Suale was shot and killed on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 but Anas is not satisfied with the progress of investigations and as a result, he has started his own research into the killing.

Speaking in an interview with the International Press Institute, Anas said although he was initially optimistic about the police investigation, the police have now developed 'cold feet' and achieved minimal progress.

"We [everyone involved in the investigation] were all targets - and we are still targets', Anas told IPI.

"Ahmed was a target because of the football investigation. I am not surprised, judging by the power of football and the political implications. There is some level of apathy within the police service - people are not forceful enough", Anas commented.

He added: "We are not finding a solution to the murder. It is power play. The people in football are very rich people (and) there are some powerful sources making sure that we don't find the killer".