Kwame Ato Asare Ani, an alleged leader of a galamsey (illegal small-scale mining) gang in Axim, a community in the West Region, has made headlines over the past few days after a viral video showed a policeman on his knees begging him.

GhanaWeb on Sunday, April 2, 2023, reported about a viral video in which the supposed leader of the gang is seen accosting a police officer and accusing the officer of attempting to arrest him after he had given him money.

Subsequently, the Ghana Police Service later on Sunday released a statement in which it said it arrested some four men on March 28 after the Axim Divisional Police Patrol Team reported an attack on them by a gang.

The supposed leader of the gang managed to escape and has been making derogatory statements and allegations of corruption against the Ghana Police Service.

Another video of the same gang molesting some people, including a man in military apparel, has popped up.

In the said video, the man in the military uniform was referred to as a "commander from Accra," but it is not clear whether he is a personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces.

“You are the strongmen who were sent from Accra to challenge us. You are just huge; you are no match for us. If you foul, we will kill you,” one of the gang members could be heard saying in Twi.

Some of the gang members then proceed to remove the attire of the commander,” who was wearing a civilian top and military (camouflage) trousers.

“… you say you are a command, look at the talisman on his. This talisman is for children, cut it off,” another gang member said.

The man referred to as the command was pleading with the gang and could be heard mentioning the name “Kwame”.

Watch a video of the incident below:

Source: Ghanaweb