Some creative arts persons have called on President Akufo-Addo to appoint an industry person as the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

They calls follow the President’s appointment of Catherine Afeku as Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture designate last week.

The creative persons have argued that the minister-designate has no history with the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Among them is actress Luckie Lawson, who acknowledged the works of the past ministers but called on her colleagues in the industry to throw their support behind the new minister-designate.

“We have a new person and she’s business-minded, I will only hope that they bring someone who’s in the industry to support her. Also, having a lot of meeting with those in the industry who understand what’s going on on the field to work with her personally,” she said.

The actress cum producer in an interview with Joy News added, “It’s not like we leave everything for her to do but for us (creative arts persons) to support her and let her see our view and what’s really going on in the industry.”

Commenting on the issue, movie director Kobi Rana said; “An industry person is just perfect because they understand our voice best, they understand the hustle, know our problems, know what we need and can speak for us.

"As a matter of fact, both of them are even supposed to be creative arts people so that our voices can be heard double.”

Actor Vincent McCauley of ‘Things We Do For Love’ fame also chipped in his thoughts to support the motion.

“I feel that if this is something that they want to make happen and they want to see work, they’re going to have to get people who will really have a heart for the creative arts sector in this country."

He explained that "whether they like it or not, the creative arts in any country is what actually makes the country move because, it’s where people gets entertained, it’s where people get jobs, it’s where people are able to build their carriers, it’s a very broad and heavy aspect of any country.

“So, if we’re going to be able to make this happen, we need to get people who are really passionate so they can all come on board, bring their ideas, bring their concepts so that we can actually make this thing boom.

"If there are people in the industry who need to really come in and be able to say; 'these are the problems we are facing, this is what we need, these are the infrastructures that need to be put up so that we can actually bring out quality stuff, then that should happen,” he said.

Source: myjoyonline