Former PNC General Secretary, Atik Mohammed, has called on State authorities to enforce the laws on illegal construction of structures in the country.

Speaking on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" programme, Atik Mohammed noted that although the attitude of Ghanaians contribute to the sanitation challenges which cause destruction to residents in some parts of the country, this can be corrected if the government effectively execute her duties.

He was speaking in relation to the recent floods in the capital city and some Regions of the country.

The floods are said to be majorly caused by the activities of the citizens as some people continue to dump refuse at inappropriate places and also engage in activities that choke the drainage systems.

Some citizens have constructed buildings to block the waterways, so the slightest rainfall results in floods that displace many people and properties.

Proposing solutions to these perennial problems, Atik Mohammed said; "Government must take full responsibility. I admit sometimes the behavior of individuals is a problem but I keep saying that there is nothing like natural goodness of man. If you leave the human to apply his or her conscience by himself or herself, the person won't do it. This is why we have laws; we have law enforcement. The law is meant to shape the attitude of humans...Our lives are guided by laws."

"But if you don't enforce the laws, you will be blamed for everything that happens because part of your responsibility as government is that you enforce the laws. You make the laws; you enforce the laws," he stressed.