The Bundesliga is one of the most famous soccer tournaments in the world. It is also known as the German National Championship. This league is for professional German clubs.

This tournament attracts the largest number of spectators in the world. The tournament operates in a promotion and relegation format. The season runs from August to May with matches taking place on weekends.

Occasionally, some special matches will be held on normal days. If you cannot afford to go to the stadium, you can watch football live to include Europe's largest includes Germany's top team matches.

Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga 30 times

Bayern Munich had the 30th German championship, including 29 titles in the Bundesliga era. The home club Allianz Arena continues to hold a unique position in Germany, having won successively from the 2012-2013 season up to now.

Calculated, in the last 7 seasons, Bayern Munich have been champions of the Bundesliga. The home team Allianz Arena shows the superiority of direct opponents. Not only is it appreciated in the domestic arena, "Gray Lobster" is also considered one of the strongest clubs in Europe at the moment.

Bayern Munich always actively buys in every transfer window, thereby upgrading the team. That made the distance between them and their opponents in the same tournament widening. At each moment Bayern have big stars in the team, at the moment Robert Lewandowski, Joshua Kimmich, Manuel Neuer ... before that are Philipp Lahm, Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller or Oliver Kahn.

The German team also attracts many top coaches. The famous European rulers like Pep Guardiola or Carlo Ancelotti have all worked at the Allianz Arena. In addition to 29 Bundesliga titles, Bayern also has 19 national cups. Internationally, Bayern also reached the Champions League final 10 times, in which they won 5 times.

Borussia Monchengladbach (5 times)

Championship seasons: 1969–70, 1970–71, 1974–75, 1975–76, 1976–77

Borussia Monchengladbach is an old German football club, they have a history of 119 years. This is a German football team based in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia. The team plays in the Bundesliga and is one of the most successful and most supported football teams in Germany. In June 2018, Gladbach had about 75,000 full members and was the 6th largest sports club in Germany. The golden age of the team was the '70s with five Bundesliga championships, two C2 trophies and being runner-up C1 in the 1976/77 season.

At that time, Monchengladbach had many stars in the squad such as Allan Simonsen, Gunter Netzer, Berti Vogt, Jupp Heynckes, Herbert Wimmer, Uli Stielike, Rainer Bonhof and Wolfgang Kleff.

In recent years, Monchengladbach, despite trying hard, could not compete for the Bundesliga championship. Their goal is only to get into the Top 4 and thereby win tickets to the Champions League.

Borussia Dortmund have 5 times the German football championship

Championship seasons: 1994–95, 1995–96, 2001–02, 2010–11, 2011–12

Borussia Dortmund were established in 1909, up to now they have a history of 109 years. BV Borussia Dortmund is a sports club based in Dortmund, north of the Rhine and known as one of Germany's most famous and successful football teams alongside Bayern Munich, Hamburg SV and Borussia Mönchengladbach. The Ruhr team is one of Germany's most established and traditional clubs. However, it was not until the 90s that this team made a huge splash with fans around the world.

In recent seasons, only Dortmund has been the club able to compete for the Bundesliga championship with Bayern Munich. Last season, the yellow-black team had a moment to dominate the championship race with "Gray Lobster", but at the time of decision they proved to be out of breath compared to direct opponents. Historically, Dortmund had won the Bundesliga five times. The last two came in the 2010–11, 2011–12 season when black gold was led by coach Klopp. In addition to Liverpool coach, Ottmar Hitzfeld also helped Dortmund twice in a row to win the Bundesliga, in the seasons 1994–95 and 1995–96.

At the present time, Dortmund is still appreciated. They are determined to upgrade the squad in the summer of 2019, thereby surpassing Bayern Munich in the 2019/20 season.

The 90s this team has caused a great resonance with fans around the world.
The 90s this team has caused a great resonance with fans around the world.

Werder Bremen (4 times championships)

Championship seasons: 1964–65, 1987–88, 1992–93, 2003–04

Werder Bremen is a German football club currently playing in the German Bundesliga known as one of the most famous football clubs of the city of Bremen in particular and of Germany in general. Bremen was founded on February 4, 1889 and now has 40,400 official members, the 7th largest in Germany. These people named the team after the German dialect to describe a riverbank where they first played football together. They are also one of the most highly regarded clubs of German football. In the history of the Bundesliga, this club has been crowned champions four times. The last time Werder Bremen won the Bundesliga title was in the 2003/04 season.

Otto Rehhagel is one of the influential figures in Werder Bremen's history, helping the team to win the Bundesliga in 1987–88 and 1992–93. In recent seasons, Werder Bremen have not been able to make it into the championship-competing group. Last season, they ranked eighth in the Bundesliga.

Hamburger SV (3 times championships)

Championship seasons: 1978–79, 1981–82, 1982–83

Hamburger SV was founded in 1887. This is one of the oldest, famous, rich and successful clubs in Germany.

This is one of the oldest, famous and rich clubs
This is one of the oldest, famous and rich clubs

The club's golden age was from the early 70s to the mid-80s, under the direction of legendary Ernst Happel. During this period, Hamburger SV played extremely well and had a total of 3 Bundesliga championships. Legend number 1 of the team is Uwe Seeler.

However, in recent years this team has declined a lot. May 12, 2018 was the club's darkest day when Hamburger SV was relegated to Bundesliga for the first time since the tournament's inception. Currently this team is still playing in the German 2nd Division. Read more about German football news to learn more about this wonderful team!