The election period is here with us again and campaign messages will be flooding in massively trying to confuse you on what you should be looking out for.

All political parties have been asking Ghanaians to vote for them, but the voices of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that are the loudest.

The incumbent president, John Dramani Mahama is asking for a second term in office whereas the flag bearer of the largest opposition party, Nana Akufo Addo, is running for the third try at winning presidency.

But have you ever wondered what the average and ordinary Ghanaian men is looking out for?

Pulse Ghana’s Alice Adu hit the streets to find out what some average Ghanaian men are looking out for in this election and this is what they have to say.

We spoke to a coconut seller who was of high spirit the election is getting closer and that meant he could vote to retain the ruling party. He revealed he has been in the business for 15 years and their major problem was the fuel availability and cost since that is what is used to transport the coconut. Comparing the previous government to the ruling NDC, he said these four years had been better and he looks forward to affordability of fuel.

We also spoke to 39 year old cement block maker who said he is happy we are voting soon so he gets the chance to vote for the opposition. According to him, the load shedding activity has affected his business, since he cannot work without it making it very difficult to even buy food not to talk of feeding his family.

Mr. Malik, a mechanic who has been in the business for 5 years, also had a pretty interesting moment to share. Out of excitement he told that, through the hard work of this government he has been able to marry, whereas before he couldn’t because things under the then NPP were difficult.

Another mechanic Dan Dollar, who has been in the business for 7years, made an appeal that the ruling government should also help create employment for the youth since they are the future leaders. He expressed disappointment in John Dramani Mahama’s government, claiming things have become so difficult to the extent that as a driver he doesn’t own a license because it is expensive to acquire one. He asserted that he would be voting for Nana Addo because he needs change and he believes his fellow mechanics do as well.

21-year-old Gabriel, who is a sales boy at a tile shop, told Pulse that all that he wants is for the country to maintain its peace before, during and after the elections. Simply because he wanted to have people continue buying at the shop.

Emmanuel Adeku, a lotto operator, who has been in the business for 10 years mentioned that he needs this government to retire so that they could experience the change Nana Akufo Addo will bring to Ghanaians. He complained the lotto staking has reduced because people do not have money to venture and even if they come, they will borrow and he understands them because there is no money. He believes the NPP will do better.

Martin Yeboah, a vulganizer who has practiced it for close to 10 years, is happy we are voting in less than a month soon. He says he is happy because he want to retain the ruling party because of how better the market has been  since he came into power in terms of money. Things have changed a lot for him and he is happy.

Farouk, a janitor, who has been in this ‘borla’ business for 15years didn’t have much to say. All he said was “business is good now thanks to Mahama, JM toaso.”

We spoke to Nana Yaw, a 45-year-old cobbler who has been in the business for 16 years. He revealed he is praying hard so the opposition can take over because things have become extremely expensive, with the kind of job he does he could buy a material for GHC 5 in the market during the NPP regime but now it's shot up thrice and many others he buys as well. “NDC has made things difficult” he reiterated.

So there you have it, but what are you looking out for in this election.\