Appraisal time is what employees work for round the year. We all work hard and keep our best foot forward expecting a fair appraisal but at the end of the review if the expectations do not meet the reality, it is pretty disappointing. Most people in immediate frustration plan to shift their job and land up in a place which is not worth the rush. We advise you to keep calm and do these things immediately after a bad appraisal.

Take learning from your appraisal Were your expectations unreal? Is your appraisal better than the general raise? Find answers to these questions and we are sure you will find some peace. Listen to what your boss has to say about your performance and appraisal and try to believe what he is saying. Sometimes, we just tend to overthink. Don’t judge your boss If your boss values your work, he or she will never let injustice happen to you. But you will have to understand that bosses get a fixed budget for a team and they need to divide it in such a way that no one feels embarrassed. Do not blame him for being unfair (if you think so), after all, he also has limitations which are beyond his repair. Don’t be offensive while taking the feedback While you are discussing the feedback with your boss, stay calm and be receptive. Things will only turn worse if you sound agitated and aggressive. Appraisal is a fine time to exhibit maturity and calibre of handling unpleasant situations. So, behave! Don’t jump for a new job immediately Most of the people react this way only but you need to keep your sanity intact and think. You must consider your tenure with the company; if it is long, you certainly have certain good aspects that are comforting you in the job and if it is short, shifting a job will reflect badly on your cv. Hence, take a deep breath and think before taking a decision.


Even though many of us think that bosses are always wrong and unfair, there is a reason they are leading you. They have a better position to judge your skills and which is why you need to trust them for it. During your review meeting, makes mental notes for areas of improvement and work upon them. Appraisal meeting are not only to boost your salaries but also enhance your capabilities for the next year. So, cash on the opportunity.

This is not the end of the world

One appraisal cannot make you inefficient or incapable, you are what you are and one has to believe in this thought. Remember that appraisals are an yearly thing and there will be one next year too. And in case you shift your job, you will have an opportunity to prove your mettle again. So, do not mourn over this one and think forward!